7 Lessons Learned at Reddit

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  May 18, 2010 1

Steve Huffman, co-founder of Reddit, shares the main lessons he learned scaling Reddit from a small web application to a large social website.


Ehcache 2.0: Write-Behind Caching and JTA Support

by Srini Penchikala Follow 31 Followers on  May 11, 2010

The latest version of open source caching framework Ehcache supports write-behind caching and transaction management using Java Transaction API (JTA). It also includes a Hibernate 3.3 caching plugin, Bulk Loading API for clustered caches, and runtime cache reconfiguration.


Terracotta and Eucalyptus Integration Provides Data Management and Elastic Provisioning in the Cloud

by Srini Penchikala Follow 31 Followers on  Mar 10, 2010 1

Terracotta recently announced a partnership with open source private cloud platform vendor Eucalyptus that allows the companies to provision private clouds on Amazon AWS-compatible Eucalyptus cloud platform and take advantage of the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud.


Terracotta/Quartz Integration Offers an In-Memory Cluster Based Distributed Job Scheduling

by Srini Penchikala Follow 31 Followers on  Dec 13, 2009

Terracotta and Quartz integration offers an in-memory cluster based distributed job scheduling and workload management for enterprise Java applications. Terracotta recently announced the acquisition of the open source job-scheduling software. The new product gives a node-aware scheduling feature as an alternative to the traditional solution of using a central database for job coordination.


Ehcache Joins Terracotta

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 28 Followers on  Aug 18, 2009 15

Terracotta, unique for providing JVM-level "pojo clustering", has bought the nearly ubiquitous Ehcache. The combined entity likely has the largest install footprint of all Java caching products. InfoQ spoke to Terractta CEO Amit Pandey and Ehcache founder Greg Luck.


Memcached Roundup: Memcached 1.4 Released, Gear6's WebCache

by Mirko Stocker Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 27, 2009

Memcached has recently been released in version 1.4 which added new features like the binary protocol. Also: WebCache is a Memcached protocol-compliant hardware solution to boost performance even more.


Terracotta Server 3.0 Supports Cross-Application Data Sharing and Grid-Enabling APIs

by Srini Penchikala Follow 31 Followers on  May 17, 2009

The latest version of enterprise Java infrastructure software Terracotta server supports cross-application data sharing and grid-enabling APIs. Terracotta development team recently announced the availability of Terracotta server 3.0 version. The new version also provides an operations center console for server monitoring and an updated cluster membership API.


Adobe ConnectNow-Terracotta Integration Uses Distributed Shared Memory to Manage Scalability

by Srini Penchikala Follow 31 Followers on  Apr 30, 2009

Adobe ConnectNow is a free web conferencing and collaboration software. It's built on the Adobe Flash Collaboration Service (AFCS). For the Java server-side component of AFCS, Adobe integrated ConnectNow application with Terracotta software to take advantage of Terracotta's shared application memory store to address scalability of the web application.


Clojure Roundup: Clojure on CLR and Javascript, Terracotta, New Release

by Werner Schuster Follow 4 Followers on  Apr 05, 2009

Clojure has attracted a lot of interest recently. A new project allows to use Clojure with Terracotta to run code across many JVMs, ports of Clojure to .NET and Javascript have become available, and a new Clojure release adds new features and makes sequences fully lazy.


Presentation: Rockstar Memcaching

by Werner Schuster Follow 4 Followers on  Oct 28, 2008

In this presentation from RubyFringe, Tobias Lütke talks about memcached, the widely used caching solution. Tobias explains how to use it and gives some practical tips on what not to do.


Terracotta 2.7 Release Supports GlassFish, Spring 2.5 and Distributed Garbage Collection

by Srini Penchikala Follow 31 Followers on  Oct 22, 2008

The latest version of Terracotta, an open source Java clustering framework, supports GlassFish, Spring 2.5 and new features like Automated High Availability Mode, Improved Distributed Garbage Collector (DGC) Performance and Visibility, and Cluster-Wide Runtime Statistics. Terracotta development team announced last week the availability of Terracotta 2.7 version.


Deploying a 1 Terabyte Cache using EhCache Server

by Gavin Terrill Follow 1 Followers on  Aug 28, 2008 6

Greg Luck provides an overview of alternate deployment configurations for a 1 terabyte cache based on EhCache Server.


Terracotta-VisualVM Integration Offers Cluster-wide Visualization and Event Correlation

by Srini Penchikala Follow 31 Followers on  Jul 21, 2008

Terracotta integration with Sun Microsystem's VisualVM tool offers JVM and cluster-wide visualization. Terracotta announced last week its integration with Sun's VisualVM technology which gives Java developers and web administrators visualization and analysis capabilities to assist in tuning and troubleshooting of Java applications using the Terracotta management console.


Compass 2.0: Simplification, integration, and performance improvements

by Ryan Slobojan Follow 0 Followers on  May 14, 2008 1

The Compass project, an open source project based on Lucene which aims to simplify the integration of search into Java applications, recently released version 2.0. InfoQ spoke with Compass founder Shay Banon to learn more about this release and about what Compass provides to the Java community.


Terracotta 2.6 Supports Cluster Visualization Tools and Tomcat 6 Integration

by Srini Penchikala Follow 31 Followers on  Apr 23, 2008 3

The latest version of Terracotta, an open source JVM clustering framework, includes new features like cluster visualization tools and official support for Tomcat 6 platform. Terracotta team announced on Monday, the general availability of version 2.6 of the product which also includes performance improvements in several common use-cases.

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