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  • JBI Spec Lead Criticizes Competing SCA Initiative

    JBI (Java Business Integration) spec lead Ron Ten-Hove examines SCA (Service Component Architecture) and considers it "a very poor approach to creating a service-oriented architecture".

  • JBoss ESB: a chat with Mark Little

    InfoQ had an opportunity to chat with Dr. Mark Little, the director of the JBoss ESB effort. Since the recent acquisition of the Rosetta ESB by JBoss (now a subsidiary of RedHat), the SOA community at InfoQ has been interested in some more details about this project. Here's the story as told by Mark to InfoQ.

  • Implementing SOA with JEE 5 and JBI Paper Published

    Sun has published a technical article, "Implementing Service-Oriented Architectures with the Java EE 5 SDK", that shows how to combine custom business logic with JBI, JEE, BPEL and a SOAP binding component to implement a service-oriented composite application.

  • SOA Vision, Implementation and Tooling

    A review of the state of the SOA Vision, Implementation and Tooling. Includes pointers to recent tutorials, articles and product efforts that define an emerging web services programming style. These range from JBI and ESB styles to Java Frameworks and WS Stacks.