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Haskell and the Arts

Posted by  on  Jul 06, 2009 1

This presentation explores the use of Haskell as an art mediumm, specifically the question of whether or note the elegance of functional programming is a good match for the aesthetics of art?

Erlang Concurrency, What’s The Fuss?

Posted by  on  Jul 04, 2009

Erlang is built on 3 components: language, OTP, and VM. Francesco Cesarini explains the role played by each component in order to ensure Erlang’s highly successful concurrency model.

Neo4j - The Benefits of Graph Databases

Posted by  on  Jul 01, 2009 1

This presentation covers the use of graph databases as an optimal solution for data that is difficult to fit in static tables, rapidly evolving data or data that has a lot of optional attributes.

Strongly Typed Domain Specific Embedded Languages

Posted by  on  Jun 25, 2009 1

Lennart Augustsson shows how to use Haskell's programmable type system to create strongly typed DSEL. The presentation introduces Haskell’s type system and illustrates several DSEL examples.

Agilists and Architects: Allies not Adversaries Presentation

Posted by  on  Jun 25, 2009 2

This talk describes ways that Agile methods can benefit architects, addresses concerns architects express about agile, and proposes ways that architects and agile development teams can become allies.

Unshackle Your Domain

Posted by  on  Jun 24, 2009 12

Our application runs over 10,000 sustained transactions per second with a rich model. The key? Modeling state transitions explicitly.

Google App Engine and the Google Data APIs

Posted by  on  Jun 21, 2009

This presentation introduces the Google App Engine and an overview of its features while building a simple application. Integration with the Google Data APIs is demonstrated.

From Concurrent to Parallel

Posted by  on  Jun 19, 2009 3

This presentation looks at how Java SE 7 will address the challenges of multi-processor systems and parallelism with extensions to the java.util.concurrent package.

Scaling Hibernate

Posted by  on  Jun 19, 2009

Emmanuel Bernard and Max Ross talk about patterns and practices used to achieve high volume and scale with Hibernate. They also explains Hibernate Shards and Search to push the scalability limits.

Merb: When Flexibility and Performance Matter

Posted by  on  Jun 17, 2009 3

In this talk, Matt Aimonetti talks about the ideas and concepts behind Merb - and the reasons why it's appealing: speed, modularity and more.

Kent Beck: Just You Wait

Posted by  on  Jun 12, 2009 1

Kent Beck takes a look at trends and how they affect us. Communication, simplification, unintended consequences, disappearing models, and new approaches of design and tests are examined.

Adopting Agile Practices

Posted by  on  Jun 11, 2009

Amr Elssamadisy explains choosing the best practices for your organization depends on its context and it's highest priority business values and/or smells.

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