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Our Purpose

Software is changing the world and we think our mission is to facilitate the spread of knowledge and innovation in professional software development. We do this by providing our audience with unbiased, practitioner-driven conferences, content, and an online community. To see how we measure progress on fulfilling our purpose, please visit our social purpose index!

But let us tell you how it all began.

Our Story: A Community of Communities 'For the Community and By The Community'


In 1999 InfoQ CEO, Floyd Marinescu, then a 2nd year computer science student at the University of Waterloo, built and ran "" for Ed Roman who had also just founded an Enterprise Java training company. TSS as it was known quickly became the largest independent Java community, which Floyd ran with passion and dedication, pursuing his desire to have a technical site than is run for technical people by technical people who really care.

A change of mind - a new perspective

In 2002, Floyd met InfoQ Co-Founder Roxanne Beverstein who joined TSS to help the business side. TSS and its parent company went through a series of acquisitions from 2003-2005 and Floyd became disillusioned with pure-profit driven short-term thinking corporate environments, as well as mainstream technical media which were not technical enough and not innovating enough. Floyd knew there must be a better way to build a company, one that cared about the community, not just profits, that thought long term, and served readers with content in respectful, deeply technical manner they would want to read in.

Floyd crystallized his mission: to build a technical news community singularly focused on delivering content that can affect change and innovation in the software development community, available around the world, in multiple languages. InfoQ would bring together many international development communities on one site: a community of communities created by the community for the community (the meaning of C4Media Inc., the company behind InfoQ). Through the open source movement, Floyd met the company's third Co-Founder, Alex Popescu, and later also hired a full time developer/editor in China to simultaneously work on the English and Chinese versions of the site. With four full-time employees (and no salary for the first year), the vision was realized in 2006 when the site launched with 5 communities (including Java, Agile, SOA, Ruby, .NET). Ever since that day, the company has remained committed to its purpose of empowering developers with unbiased information that facilitates the spread of knowledge and innovation.

Today another paradigm for the software developers' world

Every day we create and share content in 5 different languages by developers for developers. With a readership base of over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month reading content from 100 locally-based editors across the globe, we continue to build localized communities. Today InfoQ publishes over 150 pieces of original content every WEEK, including free access to presentation videos from over 35 international conferences and research questions that have been answered by over 12,500 of our readers.

InfoQ today is run by over 200 part time community editors for the English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and French versions. C4Media Inc, which runs InfoQ and QCon, is run by over 40 full time staff who work virtually across 6 countries. C4Media's purpose is to inspire progress and community in software development.


QCon conferences are also organized by us, where 100 speakers and 1000 attendees meet annually to learn about the latest trends in software development. QCon's run annually in SF, NY, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and Rio. They are practitioner-driven conference designed for people influencing innovation in their teams (including team leads, architects, project managers, engineering directors). We launched our first branded conference, QCon, in 2007. Today, we have conferences in the following cities:

QCon London / QCon New York / QCon San Francisco / QCon São Paulo / QCon Rio de Janeiro / QCon Beijing / QCon Shanghai / Qcon Tokyo

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Our Team

Meet our Team


Our Core Values

Accountability Integrity Mastery Service Transparency
Take ownership for results. We'll do what it takes to get things done and are very serious about our commitments. Honesty and trustworthiness. We publish content our readers can trust. We are being trustworthy with our readers, customers, and each other. We act in the best interests of the company. We never stop learning and we strive to continually improve our selves, our processes, and our company The joy of serving others, we go above and beyond for our customers, for our readers, and for each other. Be transparent about process, status, expectations, your feelings, successes and failures.

Management Team

Roxanne Beverstein is co-founder and VP Sales of C4Media. Roxanne is an award winning advertising veteran who led sales at TheServerSide from 2001-2005. She has worked for a variety of online and high-tech publishers, including Jupiter Media, IDG, Ziff-Davis, Scholastic and Cahners Publishing.

Floyd Marinescu is CEO and co-founder of 1M reader/month and the QCon software developer conferences which host 600-1500 attendees each annually in US, UK, China, Brazil, and Japan. Previously, Floyd was Chief Editor of and in the distant past authored the book "EJB Design P atterns" in 2002 and "Domain-Driven Design Quickly" in 2005. Floyd founded and hosts the "Toronto Entrepreneurs of Passion and Purpose", a FB group of 1000 with monthly meetings and unconferences.

Dio Synodinos is Product Manager for InfoQ and QCon Platform Lead. Throughout his career Dio has focused on innovative web technologies, that push the envelope: he has coauthored 2 books on HTML5/CSS3, has been the lead HTML5 editor for InfoQ, and has participated in W3C's HTML5 WG and JSR 339 as an invited expert. He has also presented in multiple technical conferences and is a founding member of GreeceJS.

Silke D'Alessandro is the Director of Events & Conferences for C4 Media. She is responsible for the strategic planning, execution and financial management of QCon Conferences in New York, San Francisco and London. Throughout her career she has been involved in all facets of technology marketing & sales at companies such as Philips Electronics and United Business Media (UBM) and with roles ranging from VP of Sales to Director of Marketing.

Charles Humble took over as head of the editorial team at in March 2014, guiding our content creation including news, articles, books, video presentations and interviews. Prior to taking on the full-time role at InfoQ, Charles led our Java coverage, and was CTO for PRPi Consulting, a renumeration research firm that was acquired by PwC in July 2012. For PRPi he had overall responsibility for the development of all the custom software used within the company. He has worked in enterprise software for around 20 years as a developer, architect and development manager. In his spare time he writes music as 1/3 of London-based ambient techno group Twofish, whose debut album came out in February 2014 after 14 years of messing about with expensive toys, and spends as much time as he can with his wife and young family.

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