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Distributed Systems: When Democracy and Computer Science Come Together
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| por Idan Haim Shalom Seguir 0 Seguidores em 07 nov 2018 |
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Designing a distributed system is not a trivial matter. Since we cannot rely on a server clock, what can we do? Enter Raft - a new, understandable algorithm of achieving consensus in a distributed system. In this session, I will show you what is Raft, What problems is it designed to tackle, where the client is it all of that and just for fun and more.


Coding since he was a teenager, Idan is an API ninja, transforming the entire RavenDB ecosystem from C# to Python. Idan joins RavenDB with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. A fast learner, he has acquired a diverse arsenal of programming skills focusing on .NET, Python, C#, and Javascript. Idan is married with two children and loves to play computer games in his spare time.

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