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Building better teams: 6 Essential Podcasts to Guide You


In the rapidly changing environment of software development, culture and relationships are the things that make organisations and teams successful. No matter if you are in a startup, or an established company if you have been managing teams before or just getting started, there are techniques and ideas captured within our essential podcasts that can help build culture, improve relationships and enhance productivity. We interviewed practitioners in the field leading change and innovation in their companies whilst maintaining team happiness and creating great cultures. Listen to our essential podcasts on the best practices for building better teams.


Things you will learn from these podcasts

  • Human relationships are a critical part of our daily work. Having one-on-one conversations with people on a regular basis tend to build stronger relationships. A lot of the value of one-on-one meeting is that you are reenforcing the social connection you have with the other person.
  • Many of the things we call “soft skills” are in fact very hard and they are the key to success in making change in organisations
  • All teams should work together as a product team aiming to satisfy the needs of the end customer. The whole team should take accountability for product success
  • A common problem in organisations is the apparent demand for predictability and certainty, which results in putting more and more process in place, whereas the reality is that it just creates the illusion of certainty.
  • Key competencies for effective coaching are about the ability to reach people on a human-to-human level
  • Remote workers are common today and it’s important to focus on keeping them engaged
  • The average energy level for an office worker is around 33% – at this level any change results in internal panic. The minimum level of energy needed to be able to cope in an agile environment is 45%.


Camille Fournier on Platform Engineering, Engineering Ladders, and Her Book “The Managers Path”

InfoQOne of the most important things we do as engineering managers is stay abreast of how to make teams effective in the context of delivering software.

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Camille Fournier Distributed systems, dysfunctional programming, and all that management gobbledegook.

Dominic Price on Why Agile is Not Always the Answer

InfoQA lot of large-scale “transformations” are about AGILE being thrust around as a compliance regime where the measures of success are the following of rituals.

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Dominic Price R&D - Work Futurist - Innovator - Atlassian

Jeff Patton on #NoProjects and Product Management

InfoQImplementing effective measurement takes engineering – instrumentation needs to be built into the product

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Jeff Patton Veteran Product Manager

L. Adkins and H. Dunsky on the State of Agile Coaching and the Competencies Coaches Need to Build

InfoQThere shouldn’t be a distinction between the scrum master and agile coach roles – scrum masters should be coaches

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Lyssa Adkins coach - facilitator - inspirer and Halim Dunsky Transformative Coaching Toward a Life Lived on Purpose

Pablo Santos on Creating a Great Engineering Culture, Engaging Remote Workers and DevOps

InfoQThe work which spans many aspects of many technology stacks is super-challenging

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Pablo Santos Founder and President Plastic SCM

Anna Obukhova on The Biology of Leadership and Working with Tired Teams

InfoQTired teams need different styles of coaching and support - using the same techniques as with energized teams can result in harm

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Anna Obukhova Expert on agile software development

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