QCon London 2013 Conference Videos

QCon London 2013 Conference Videos

To serve you better, this year we are experimenting with filming all the editorial tracks at QCon and publishing them in draft mode, available for registered attendees-only to watch within DAYS of QCon London. Now you can choose what session to go to and see any you missed! If you have any problems authenticating for video or if you have any comments please contact conference-attendees@infoq.com.

Fun With Dead Languages Damian Conway 8 Lines of Code Greg Young Instantly Better Presentations Damian Conway A Forward Look at Federated Wiki Ward Cunningham

Day 1 - Wednesday, March 06

TRACK Distributed Systems / REST
A Platform for all that we know Savas Parastatidis
No Link Left Behind Paul Downey Road to REST Rickard Oberg
HTTP/2.0: Challenges and Opportunities Mark Nottingham
Applying Evolutionary Architecture on Popular API Phil Calcado
Garbage Collection - The Useful Parts Martijn Verburg Functional Reactive Programming in the Netflix API Ben Christensen Architecting for High Availability Attila Narin
Confessions of an Agile addict Ole Friis Ostergaard How to rescue our kids: fixing the ICT crisis at school Simon Peyton Jones You are not a software developer! - Simplicity in practice Russell Miles Performance Testing Java Applications Martin Thompson
TRACK Building for Clouds
Putting a Red Nose On The Cloud Tim Savage
Zenon Hannick
Clouds in Government - Perils of Portability Gareth Rushgrove Cooking on Gas: How to use Chef to get a better cloud deal Stephen Nelson-Smith Extending CloudFoundry with new Services Andrew Crump
Chris Hedley
Racing Thru the Last Mile: Cloud Delivery Web-Scale Deployment Alex Papadimoulis
How to turn startup ideas into reality by taking money from strangers Ian Brookes
TRACK Creative Thinking & Visual Problem-Solving
Ideas, not Art: Drawing Out Solutions Heather Willems
Machine Me Fernando Orellana User Generated Art: the Artist as Manipulator Ruud Lanfermeijer
Remko van Dokkum
Testing iOS Apps Graham Lee UI in an Agile Process - When the Real World comes Knocking Janne Jul Jensen The Future of Mobile Banking Michael Nuciforo Protecting Mobile Apps and security around Bring Your Own Device Alex Batlin
Shane Williams

Day 2 - Thursday, March 07

TRACK Building Web APIs: Opening & Linking your Data
Introducing the BBC's Linked Data Platform and APIs David Rogers
The Why, What and How of Open Data Jeni Tennison Building APIs by building on APIs Paul Downey
David Heath
Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML Jon Moore Generic Hypermedia and Domain-Specific APIs: RESTing in the ALPS Mike Amundsen
TRACK Schadenfreude - War Stories
The inevitability of failure Dave Cliff
Painful success - lessons learned while scaling up Jesper Richter-Reichhelm
TRACK Architectural Hangover Cure
Deleting Code at Nokia Tom Coupland
Modern Legacy Systems Robert Annett
Teaching WebSphere to Dance Alasdair Nottingham
TRACK Agile in Actuality: Stories from the Front Line
People over Process: Applying it in real world software development Glen Ford
Climbing out of a crisis loop: How a critical BBC back-end team reigned in a workflow crisis-to-crisis cycle Katherine Kirk
Rafiq Gemmail
Between Fluffy Bunnies and Command & Control: Agile Adoption in Practice Benjamin Mitchell Accelerating Agile: hyper-performing without the hype Dan North Yanking business into testing - with lots of vegetables Gojko Adzic
Lukas Oberhuber
TRACK Next Generation Mobile Apps
Advanced sensors in Mobile devices Adam Blum
New capabilities of HTML5 browsers Maximiliano Firtman Architecting PhoneGap Applications Christophe Coenraets Developing the FT web app Robert Shilston JavaScript as Data Processing Language & HTML5 Integration Quentin Adam
TRACK Finance (Design & Architecture)
Erlang and the Chasm Torben Hoffmann
Cloud and Banking IT, each can learn from the other Richard Croucher Leapfrogging online payments & burying tech debt David Craelius High Performance Messaging for Web-Based Trading Systems Frank Greco How NOT to Measure Latency Gil Tene

Day 3 - Friday, March 08

Inside Lanyrd's Architecture Andrew Godwin Green shoots in the brownest field: Being a startup in Government Mat Wall How we scaled Songkick for more traffic and more productive development Marc Pacheco Architecture of the Triposo travel guide Douwe Osinga
Jon Tirsen
RabbitMQ and .NET with EasyNetQ Mike Hadlow Visualizing Information with HTML5 Dio Synodinos Rich HTML/JS applications with knockout.js and no server Steven Sanderson Taming Functional Web Testing with Spock and Geb Peter Niederwieser
TRACK Finance, Technology & Implementation
In-Memory Message & Trade repositories John T Davies
Equity - transparent and live risk assessment Tormod Varhaugvik Consumerisation - what does it mean to a developer? Chris Swan The technology behind an Equity Trade John O'Hara Integrating SQL & NoSQL & NewSQL & Realtime Data Intelligence for the Financial Industry Charles Cai
Ashwani Roy
The Past, Present, and Future of NoSQL Matt Asay A little graph theory for the busy developer Jim Webber Riak and Dynamo, Five Years Later Andy Gross Approximate methods for scalable data mining Andrew Clegg
Here Comes Wearable Technology! Rain Ashford NoHR Hiring Zoe Slattery
Martijn Verburg
3 SHORT TALKS: What do techies know about recruitment? Stefan Tilkov
Israel Boza Rodriguez
Paul Shannon

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