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QCon London 2017

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To serve you better, we are filming all the editorial tracks at QCon and publishing the majority of sessions for registered attendees-only to watch. Editing happens on-site and most videos are published from a few hours to 1 day after the presentation is delivered.

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  • These videos do not work on mobile, they work only on desktop.
  • Downloading of the videos is not permitted.


TOP 10 Attended talks
  1. From Microliths To Microsystems - Jonas Bonér
  2. Scaling Facebook Live Videos To A Billion Users - Sachin Kulkarni
  3. The Distributed Pit Of Success @Deliveroo - Greg Beech
  4. Real World Java 9 - Trisha Gee
  5. Async Or Bust!? - Todd Montgomery
  6. Blockchain Introduction: Peering Through The Hype - Elaine Ou
  7. Deep Learning @Google Scale: Smart Reply In Inbox - Anjuli Kannan
  8. Spotify's Reliable Event Delivery System- Igor Maravic
  9. Building A High Performing Team- Patrick Kua
  10. Using Quality Views To Tackle Technical Debt- Colin Breck

Day 1 - Monday, March 6

Day 2 - Tuesday, March 7

Day 3 - Wednesday, March 8