Strange Loop Conference Videos

To serve you better, this year we are experimenting with filming all the editorial tracks at Strange Loop and publishing them in draft mode, available for registered attendees-only to watch within DAYS of Strange Loop. Now you can choose what session to go to and see any you missed!

If you have any problems authenticating for video or if you have any comments please contact

Making Software Development Make Sense to Everyone Jen Myers The Trouble With Types Martin Odersky What is a strange loop and what is it like to be one? Douglas Hofstadter
Daimio: a language for sharing Dann Toliver Babel: An Untyped, Stack-based HLL Clayton Bauman Noether: Symmetry in Programming Language Design Daira Hopwood Nimrod: A new approach to meta programming Andreas Rumpf Dao Programming Language for Scripting and Computing Limin Fu Axiomatic Language Walter Wilson Qbrt Bytecode: Interface Between Code and Execution Matthew Graham The J Programming Language Tracy Harms Enso: Composing DSL Interpreters, Languages & Aspects William Cook BODOL, or How To Accidentally Build Your Own Language Bodil Stokke
Erlang for Authoritative DNS Anthony Eden Building optimising compiler for Dart Vyacheslav Egorov Evolution of Scala macros Eugene Burmako Spores: Distributable Functions in Scala Heather Miller Taking PHP Seriously Keith Adams Functional Vectors, Maps, and Sets in Julia Zach Allaun Linear Logic Programming Chris Martens A Relational Exploration of the Chomsky Hierarchy Daniel Friedman;William Byrd Julia: The Design Impact of Multiple Dispatch Stefan Karpinski Exercises in Style Crista Lopes Dissecting Clojure Reducers Renzo Borgatti Scala vs Idris: Dependent types, now and in the future Miles Sabin, Edwin Brady The JavaScript interpreter, interpreted Martha Girdler Why Ruby isn't Slow Alex Gaynor Java Puzzlers: Something Old, Something Gnu, Something Bogus, Something Blew Josh Bloch, Bob Lee Thinking DSLs for Massive Visualization Leo Meyerovich Dart for the Language Enthusiast Bob Nystrom Javascript... FOR SCIENCE! Angelina Fabbro
Bill Mills
Graph Computing at Scale Matthias Broecheler Real-World Datomic: An Experience Report Craig Andera Building a Multi-Master Distributed Redis in Erlang Chad DePue How Developers can treat Ovarian Cancer Mridula Jayaraman CQRS with Erlang Bryan Hunter Raft - The Understandable Distributed Protocol Ben Johnson Partitions for everyone! Kyle Kingsbury High Availability at Braintree Paul Gross Spanner - Google's Distributed Database Sebastian Kanthak Patterns for scalable web services in Go Richard Crowley Go Circuit: Distributing the Go Language and Runtime Petar Maymounkov
Functional Reactive Programming in Elm Evan Czaplicki Continuum: A JS (ES6) VM Written in JS (ES3) Brandon Benvie Continuations on the Web and in your OS Jay McCarthy Concurrency and Parallel Computing in JavaScript Stephan Herhut Web Apps in Clojure and ClojureScript with Pedestal Brenton Ashworth Getting Pushy: pushing data from server to browser David Pollak Native Speed on the Web: JavaScript and asm.js Alon Zakai Servo: Designing and Implementing a Parallel Browser Jack Moffitt The Birth & Death of JavaScript Gary Bernhardt
zip Code: Unpacking Data Compression Scott Vokes How does text become data? Catherine Havasi
Rob Speer
Simplifying Asynchronous Code With Scala Async Philipp Haller Clojure core.async Rich Hickey Category Theory: An Abstraction for Anything Alissa Pajer Add ALL the things: abstract algebra meets analytics Avi Bryant
Xiki: GUI and Text Interfaces are Converging Craig Muth Finding a way out Chris Granger
Make Your Mobile Apps Accessible to All Heath Borders Sync is the Future of Mobile Data Chris Anderson
Rails Girls: Empowering women through code Adriana Palacio, Laura Garcia Software for Programming Cells Colin Gravill Learnfun and Playfun: A Nintendo automation system Tom Murphy VII Creative Machines Joseph Wilk Programming a 144-computer chip to minimize power Chuck Moore How to teach your kid to code with Hopscotch Samantha John Generation Minecraft - kids building software Seth Schroeder

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