Keeping up with AgileEvents in 2008

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Jan 01, 2008

In September InfoQ inaugurated the AgileEvents calendar so the community could share information about events for Agile professionals, free of charge. Over a hundred events have been posted on the calendar, and now that it's taken off it's not really news any more, so check in here to see how to get regular notifications of new events via, now that InfoQ won't be covering it as news.

AgileEvents Monthly Update

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Dec 02, 2007

The AgileEvents calendar is a place for non-profit or commercial groups to announce their events for the Agile community, free of charge. Here's what's coming up as of December 1st, including user groups, Extreme Tuesday club (XTC), training, and "Naked Agilists" (which, fortunately, meet on skype). AgileEvents can easily be added to your own website, ical or gcal calendar to keep you up to date.

Article: Key Takeaways and lessons learned from QCon SF

by Floyd Marinescu on  Nov 27, 2007 2

Bloggers were quite active at InfoQ's QCon San Francisco conference which took place Nov 7-9. Bloggers wrote about 32 of the 60 sessions at the event, including the keynotes, session on Linked-In, eBay, Orbitz architectures, and more. Read this article to learn the most valuable insights the attendees took the time to blog about, as well as many other aspects about QCon.

Agile Events Calendar Update

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Nov 02, 2007

Dozens of events are listed on the AgileEvents calender, both commercial and non-profit. Events include user groups, coding dojos, training, conferences. All events focus on Agile/Lean process, facilitation, management, product ownership, methodologies and related practices. Where will you spend your training budget? Maybe there's something coming up close to home - wherever you are!

AgileEvents Calendar Update

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Oct 02, 2007

AgileEvents is one month old, and two dozen commercial and non-profit events have been announced there by members of the Agile community around the world. Here is your monthly roundup of upcoming events, with "coding dojos", classes, and conferences and XPdays worldwide.

RubyConf 2007 Registration Open

by Werner Schuster on  Sep 06, 2007

The registration for RubyConf 2007 is now open. Since RubyConf is a quite small conference, speed is of the issue to get a spot. The Agenda promises interesting talks on Ruby implementations and more.

AgileEvents: What's Coming Up Near You?

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Sep 01, 2007 3

If you've ever thought "Darn, I wish I'd known about that!" then have a look at what's coming up on the AgileEvents calendar, starting September 1st, 2007.

QCon San Francisco Enterprise Software Development Conference Nov 7-9

by Floyd Marinescu on  Jun 29, 2007

The QCon is coming to San Francsico Nov 7-9; registration is now open (save $600 by July 15th). Our first conf in London this year featured the architectures of eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! and many leading technologists speaking such as Martin Fowler, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, Spring founder Rod Johnson, Scrum co-founder Jeff Sutherland, Hibernate creator Gavin King, Dave Thomas, and many more.

Agile2007 Conference Program Announced

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Jun 05, 2007

The Agile2007 conference program was announced today to entice those still on the fence about attending this year's event in Washington, D.C. from August 13-17. Of note: a keynote by Erich Gamma on "Scaling-up Agility The Eclipse Way," the APLN Leadership Symposium, a new Research-in-Progress Workshop on Agile Software Engineering and the new Conference-Within-A-Conference, fondly known as CWAC.

Google Developer Day 2007

by Hartmut Wilms on  Jun 01, 2007

The Google Developer Day 2007 took place in 10 cities spanning the globe beginning in Sydney, Australia and ending in Mountain View, California. This is a report on some of the sessions at the event in Hamburg, Germany, on May 31, 2007.

Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon

by Floyd Marinescu on  Mar 22, 2007 8

In this article we present the main takeway points and further reading as seen by the many attendees who blogged about QCon. It's a long article, but a superb way to learn all the main lessons that bloggers felt worth talking about. QCon London was InfoQ's first conference and has been quite a success.

Ruby at QCon

by James Cox on  Mar 20, 2007

It was great to see Ruby share a platform with other enterprise-oriented tracks, supporting the language's growing maturity and strength within the global marketplace.

Panel: Who will Develop Software in 10 Years?

by Floyd Marinescu on  Mar 19, 2007 7

In this video discussion panel (with transcript) Martin Fowler, Frank Buschmann, Steve Cook, Jimmy Nilsson, and Dave Thomas discuss the future of software development. Topics covered include outsourcing, is Google the next MS?, multi-core & parallism, grid computing, software stacks of the future, and more. The panel is from QCon sister-conference JAOO.

Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! architectures to be presented at QCon

by Floyd Marinescu on  Feb 05, 2007

Architects from Amazon, eBay, and Yahoo! will be doing case study talks on aspects of their architectures at QCon London (March 14-16), a three day conference (plus 2 tutorial days) featuring speakers such as Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas, Gavin King, Werner Vogels, Rod Johnson, Erik Meijer, and 50 others. Tracks span Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, Agile, Ajax, Architecture, Usability, and others.

QCon Schedule Posted: Europe has a New Major Software Conference

by Floyd Marinescu on  Jan 11, 2007 4

The schedule for QCon London has been posted spanning 5 days with three full conference days and 2 tutorial days featuring speakers such as Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas, Gavin King, Werner Vogels, Rod Johnson, Erik Meijer, and 50 others. Tracks span Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, Agile, Investment banking IT, Architecture, Usability, and case studies on eBay and other major software deployments.