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John, in this issue, May 28, 2013:

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Relational vs. NoSQL: Making the Transition. The recent explosion in NoSQL technology has been spurred by the need for flexibility - both in the scaling and data model. This white paper provides guidance to ease the transition from relational to NoSQL and explores the benefits of distributed document-oriented databases.

Lean Startup applied @ QCon New York: June 10-14, 2013

The Lean Startup movement isn't just for small companies. No company can afford to continue to undertake large software projects that don't end up providing a meaningful ROI. Join as for the Lean Startup applied track to find out how your organization can become more efficient at delivering business value by better adopting the processes and practices that successful lean startups apply. Register by Jun 10th and save $200.

Research Latest Content

API Management Platforms Capabilities

Every API program needs a set of capabilities to manage the technical and business aspects. The set of capabilities vary for each program based on the criteria for success.

Ruby On Rails State of Practice: Frontend

Rails developers can draw from a huge pool of libraries to build their applications. The possibilities are endless, so we want to find out what our readers are using, or planning to use in the future.

General Development Latest Content

Interview with Benjamin Cabé on the Eclipse M2M projects

Benjamin Cabé talks to InfoQ about the newly formed Machine to Machine projects at Eclipse, including Mahini, Koneki and Paho. He also talks about the upcoming Internet of Things and how he sees both programming in Lua as a means of running embedded systems on Raspberry Pis, and how Arduinos can be used to monitor anything from solar panels to mousetraps. (Interview)


You Are Not a Software Developer! - Simplicity in Practice

Russ Miles shares the patterns and anti-patterns he's observed when teams attempt to really deliver valuable software, imparting principles and practices that guide him when helping teams deliver. (Presentation)
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Top General Development News Headlines

Debate: Do We Need a Universal Web Bytecode?

Latest from Java

Tuning the Size of Your Thread Pool

Thread pools can help us control the number of threads used by a system. A properly sized thread pool will allow as many requests to run as the hardware and application can comfortably support. A poorly tuned thread pool risks completely destabilizing the system. In this article we see how to apply the "measure don't guess" mantra to properly size our production thread pools. (Article)


Clojure in the Field

Stuart Halloway shares insight from his experience using Clojure for production systems since 2008. (Presentation)


Latest from Dynamic Languages

Zend Framework 2.2.0 Released with Feature Enhancements, New Plugin and Module Managers

Zend Framework 2.2.0 includes several usability enhancements and improvements in addition to new plugin and module managers. (News)


Latest from Cloud

Cooking on Gas: How to Use Chef to Get a Better Cloud Deal

Stephen Nelson-Smith discusses the idea of financial intermediation in cloud computing and explores how to use the Chef cloud automation framework to make it easy to move between cloud providers. (Presentation)
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Clouds in Government - Perils of Portability

Gareth Rushgrove emphasized the importance of cloud portability in a world of Infrastructure and Platform as a Service, offering examples taken from the development of GOV.UK. (Presentation)
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Latest from Mobile

Developing iOS Apps for Fun and Profit

Phil Nash discusses iOS development, from the idiosyncrasies of Objective-C to how to test a mobile app to getting an app on the app store and getting it noticed. (Presentation)


Quora on Mobile: A Product-Centered Approach to Multi-Platform Deployment

Anne Halsall reviews the nearly two-year process of designing, developing, and releasing the official mobile apps for Quora, sharing lessons and advice for creating apps across multiple platforms. (Presentation)
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Extend Your Java EE Apps with a Mobile Web Interface. ICEMobile's device detection, adaptive rendering, and automated theming produce device-optimized markup that deliver a true mobile user experience to a wide range of devices, using pure web-based techniques. Learn more.

Latest from Architecture & Design

Spring adds HATEOAS Support to REST Based Web Services

The Spring Framework is currently in progress of adding HATEOAS, Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State, support to REST web services. Primary focus for the library is to provide an API for simplifying the creation of hypermedia links and assembling of REST resource representations. (News)


Latest from Agile

Managing Build Jobs for Continuous Delivery

The number of jobs in a continuous integration tool can range from a few to several thousand, all performing various functions. There is an approach to manage these jobs in a more efficient manner. (Article)


Co-making Great Products

Jeff Patton presents the process of co-creating products, where everyone is involved and responsible, taking examples from three companies he`s worked with. (Presentation)
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Killing Me Softly - with this Pair

Emmanuel Gaillot and Jonathan Perret perform a pair programming parody on stage, showing how not to do it. (Presentation)


Latest from Operations & Infrastructure

Alex Papadimoulis on Delivering Web Scale Systems

Alex Papadimoulis shares his thoughts on distribution vs delivery, decoupling infrastructure (pull) from application (push) deployments and keeping delivery systems simple, especially for web scale applications. In particular Alex describes three different types of roll-outs: Live, Rolling and Parallel and their applicability (cloud-based delivery vs in-house servers). (Interview)
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Interview and Book Review: The LogStash Book, Log Management Made Easy

James Turnbull makes a compelling case for using Logstash for centralizing logging by explaining the implementation details of Logstash within the context of a logging project. The book targets both small companies and large enterprises through a two sided case; both for the low barrier to entry and the scaling capabilities. (Article)


Large-Scale Continuous Testing in the Cloud

John Penix describes the test automation system and the supporting build system infrastructure used by Google. (Presentation)
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Top Operations and Infrastructure News Headlines

Winning with DevOps

Latest from Enterprise Architecture

API Conf Fireside Chat: Peter Orlowsky, VP, Getty Images

Peter Orlowsky provides insights into the strategy choices that created Getty Images` API program and the customer/business value the API creates. (Presentation)


API Conf Panel: API Infrastructure Providers

Many of today`s APIs rely on 3rd party systems, software and services to operate, infrastructure that comes in various flavors. This panel covers these different flavors and how to choose between them. (Presentation)


APM Survival Guide from a Veteran Performance Geek
Free Book: Graph Databases (by O'Reilly) - Download Now
Cluster-Wide Caching & Scaling for the Cloud - A Look Inside Resin 4.0
Extend Your Java EE Apps with a Mobile Web Interface

Build Richer, More Functional Mobile Applications

Cloud Identity Buyer`s Guide: Managing Identity in the Cloud

High Performance, Pauseless Execution for Java. Zing. The Best JVM for Linux

Tiny PM, Agile Project Management

Intel Expressway API Manager

Performance Monitoring Tools

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