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Accueil InfoQ Présentations High-End Varnish: Debugging issues and fixing bugs at Fastly

High-End Varnish: Debugging issues and fixing bugs at Fastly



Why is debugging so difficult, and what can we do about it? In this talk, we explore what makes debugging difficult and how our own cognitive bias can interfere with our ability to solve challenging problems in our software and systems. With a scientific approach, and a willingness to use and develop appropriate tools, we can solve challenges that seem entirely out of our capability.


Devon H. O'Dell is a tech lead at Fastly, where he's primarily focused on getting folks un-stuck. His experience over the past 15 years ranges from web applications to embedded systems firmware (and most areas in-between). His primary technical interests are developing and debugging low-latency concurrent network systems software and related tools.

A propos de cette Conférence

As part of celebrating 10 years of Varnish Cache, Varnish Software held our biggest community event in Europe: VarnishCon Amsterdam 2016. During two days the Varnish Core Developer team and user community gather together to learn more about using the software and shape the future of Varnish Cache towards the 5.0 release due in September 2016.

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15 août 2016