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An Introduction to Kotlin for Serverside Java Developers

Posted by Baljeet Sandhu Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 14, 2018

Kotlin is one of the newer languages on the JVM. It is statically typed and aims to provide a blend of OO and FP programming styles. We present the main features that might appeal to Java developers. 2

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Natural Language Processing with Java - Second Edition: Book Review and Interview

Posted by Srini Penchikala Follow 41 Followers on  Oct 10, 2018

Natural Language Processing with Java - Second Edition book covers NLP topic and various tools developers can use in their applications. InfoQ spoke with co-author Richard Reese about the book.

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Micronaut Tutorial: How to Build Microservices with This JVM-Based Framework

Posted by Sergio del Amo Caballero Follow 2 Followers on  Oct 05, 2018

Micronaut is a modern, JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice applications. This tutorial will create three microservices using Java, Kotlin and Groovy. 4

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Modeling Uncertainty with Reactive DDD

Posted by Vaughn Vernon Follow 16 Followers on  Sep 29, 2018

Distributed systems require dealing with the uncertainty of missing messages, or a message that is received twice. This requires business decisions, and therefore must be part of the domain model.

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Explore the New Java 10 “var” Type: An Introduction and Hands-on Tutorial

Posted by Mohamed Taman Follow 1 Followers on  Sep 28, 2018

Learn about the new Java 10 "var" type, and experiment using JShell with this hands-on tutorial on how to reduce boilerplate code using new type inference for local variables.

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JShell: A Comprehensive Guide to the Java REPL

Posted by Dustin Schultz Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 21, 2018

JShell provides an interactive shell for quickly prototyping, debugging, and learning Java and Java APIs. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at JShell.

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The State of Java Serialization

Posted by Erik Costlow Follow 2 Followers on  Aug 30, 2018

Java serialization has garnered several years' worth of security exploits and 0-day attacks. We discuss the current state of the technology and what can be done to protect against serialization flaws.

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Build a MySQL Spring Boot App Running on WildFly on an Azure VM

Posted by Brian Benz Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 25, 2018

How to build a demo site that runs on the WildFly application platform and connects to a MySQL database in the cloud, on Microsoft Azure.

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Deep Dive into JUnit 5 Extension Model

Posted by Uday Tatiraju Follow 2 Followers on  Aug 19, 2018

JUnit 5 is a modular and extensible testing framework with support for Java 8 and higher. The Jupiter extension model can be used to add custom features.