The Future of SCA

by Stefan Tilkov Follow 2 Followers on  May 17, 2007 6

In a panel on the Service Component Architecture (SCA) at JavaOne, one of the controversive topics was the SCA client programming model. Moderator David Chappell and Gregor Hohpe share their impressions.


The Missing Piece of Desktop Java ... The Consumer JRE

by Scott Delap Follow 0 Followers on  May 15, 2007 4

Missing from the keynote announcements at JavaOne was discussion on improving the deployment path of desktop Java applications. Hope may finally come later this year in the form a consumer targeted JRE however.


Motorola Challenges Java Developers to Rethink Mobile Computing

by Chris Greenlee Follow 0 Followers on  May 11, 2007 3

Thursday at JavaOne started with a thought provoking keynote by Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior. Rather than the usual vendor keynote making grand announcements or touting specific accomplishments of her company, Warrior focused on challenging Java developers to think hard about the transformation of the mobile world.


Interface21 (Spring) gets 10M VC Funding

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 30 Followers on  May 10, 2007 15

Interface21, the provider of the Spring Framework has announced that it has received $10 million in Series A financing from Benchmark Capital. The new funds will be used to accelerate product development and expand marketing, sales and support infrastructure to scale their professional open source offerings around Spring.


Using SAP4Rails to Quickly Develop for SAP

by Ian Roughley Follow 0 Followers on  May 10, 2007

Dan Mcweeny presented a case study at JavaOne on using Ruby On Rails and SAP4Rails (an open source SAP integration library). His group was able to create a specialized web 2.0 front end in 2 weeks without prior knowledge of Ruby or Rails.


Cool things you can do with Groovy

by Ian Roughley Follow 0 Followers on  May 10, 2007 11

With dynamic languages playing a role in JDK 6, the "Cool things you can do with Groovy" session was aimed at show casing the features of the Groovy language that can help make developers more productive.


Java Goes Real Time

by Chris Greenlee Follow 0 Followers on  May 09, 2007 2

Yesterday at Java One Sun finally announced the first implementation of JSR-1, the Real-time Specification for Java, since it was finalized in July of 2006.


Sun Finishes OpenJDK Transition

by Ian Roughley Follow 0 Followers on  May 08, 2007 2

In today's Java One keynote Sun announced that the open sourcing of Java has been completed. There is now a completely build-able JDK available to developers at the OpenJDK project.


Sun to Introduce JavaFX Mobile and JavaFX Script

by Scott Delap Follow 0 Followers on  May 08, 2007 3

According to industry publications, Sun is slated to announce JavaFX Script at Tuesday morning's opening JavaOne keynote. JavaFX Script will target desktop, web, and mobile devices.


Mingle from ThoughtWorks is Big Win for JRuby

by Sam Aaron Follow 0 Followers , Obie Fernandez Follow 0 Followers on  May 07, 2007

In what may turn out to be an interesting foreshadowing of the future of Ruby, ThoughtWorks Studios announces that their upcoming Agile IT project management application, Mingle, will be the world’s first commercial application to run on JRuby.


JRuby: Almost Ready for Primetime?

by Sam Aaron Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 25, 2007 1

JRuby 0.9.9 is now out in the wild and has been declared “ready for prime time”. Ola Bini goes as far as to say: “JRuby is ready for prime time. Application developers should try their applications on JRuby NOW” InfoQ's newest Ruby reporter, Sam Aaron, investigates.


Java One Technical Sessions Slides and Audio Online

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 30 Followers on  Jul 13, 2006 2

The technical sessions (but not BOFS) from the Java One 2006 conference are now online in audio + slides. Registration to the Sun Developer Network is required. The presentations also include text transcript fragments allowing you to read along with the presentation.


Detailed JavaOne Coverage Published

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 30 Followers on  May 24, 2006 3

Every year, the most detailed coverage of what happened at JavaOne is usually published in really long and detailed day by day coverage articles published on The last of their 4 days of coverage have just been posted.

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