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Grow as a professional at QCon SF 2017!

Learn how to be “The Whole Engineer” at QCon SF this year. This track is all about evolving and being aware that success as an engineer is more than writing code. Join the “Beyond Being an Individual Contributor” track to build and evolve managers and tech leadership. Another track for QCon SF 2017 is “Culture as a Differentiator (or Building Great Engineering Cultures)”. It will contain talks on evolving the org's tech stack and culture together.



Modern Java EE Design Patterns (By O'Reilly) - Download this report to explore best practices for automation, high availability, data separation, and performance while inspecting design patterns such as aggregator, proxy, pipeline, and shared resources to model service interactions. Download now.

Data Science Latest Content


Fast, Scalable, Reusable: A New Perspective on Production ML/AI Systems

Ekrem Aksoy discusses why production ML/AI systems should have a different perspective than the usual DevOps perspective which works on data immune systems. (Presentation)



MongoDB Atlas: Combine the Innovations of NoSQL with the Critical Capabilities of Relational Databases. Start for free.

DevOps Latest Content


Five Steps to Migrate Unisys Mainframes to AWS

If you have a Unisys mainframe, you may be thinking that cloud computing isn't an option. But cloud computing has quickly matured, as have the offerings of service providers like AWS, and it's now proving itself to be a viable option for running mainframe application workloads. (Article)

Development Latest Content

Google Discusses Go 2

At GopherCon 2017 which took place this week, Russ Cox, the tech lead for Go at Google, keynoted on the future of Go, inviting the community to submit suggestions on what should be included in the next major version of the language. (News)



Crafting Your Cloud-Native Strategy - Free eBook Download. This eBook shares cloud-native practices and technologies to fully automate the application stack infrastructure layers. It also covers lessons and advice from case studies to help change your organization. Download now.

Java Latest Content

Java Performance Engineer's Survival Guide

Monica Beckwith provides a step-by-step approach to finding the root cause of any performance problem in a Java app, showcasing through an example a few performance tools and the performance process. (Presentation)

.NET Latest Content


Unleashing the Power of .NET Big Memory and Memory Mapped Files

In continuation of the Big Memory topic on the .NET platform, this article describes the benefits of utilization of large data sets in-process on the managed CLR server environments using Agincore’s Big Memory Pile. (Article)

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

Q&A with Kyle Mathews, Creator of React-Based Static Site Generator Gatsby

The React-based static site generator, Gatsby, has reached version 1.0. In this interview, founder Kyle Mathews discusses the project's motivations, and how it's going to move forward. (News)

Mobile Latest Content


Mobile DNUN: Danger Notification and User Navigation

This article introduces the authors' Danger Notification and User Navigation (DNUN) application, which works in conjunction with a geolocation system to save the location of users or objects for emergency rescue or later navigation. The DNUN mobile application can help rescue a user by sending an email with a danger notification to intended contacts. (Article)

The Future of IoT

This panel discusses the foreseeable future of IoT. (Presentation)

Concurrency and Strong Types for IoT

Carl Hewitt promotes using strong types and the actor model to deal with various devices in IoT. (Presentation)

Architecture & Design Latest Content

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

WebHooks: The API Strikes Back

Phil Nash takes a look at services that use Webhooks, exploring reasons to use WebHooks and the emerging best practices, and discusses implementing WebHook endpoints with live coded examples. (Presentation)

Building out Hypermedia Clients

Todd Brackley outlines the general engine of a hypermedia client implementation, what API forms look like, and then outlines five design issues useful in creating such clients. (Presentation)

Simplifying API Development

Abhinav Asthana discusses methods for simplifying API development. (Presentation)



High-Performance Data Architectures for the Internet of Things. Learn about the challenges caused by typical approaches to IoT data architecture and its associated resource requirements. See also how the GridGain in-memory computing platform can simplify this architecture and reduce your team’s learning curve. Learn More.

Culture & Methods Latest Content

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

Q&A on the Book The Team Engagement Strategy

The book The Team Engagement Strategy provides an operational model with guiding principles that teams can use to solve their problems by focusing on outcomes. It empowers teams to take action based on their shared insight and assumptions, and helps them to learn and improve continuously. (Article)



Learn from world-class experts at AGILE2017, Agile Alliance’s annual North American conference. This is where the Agile Tribes meet. Learn more!

A View from the Trenches: the C-Suite's Role in Organizational Transformation

The attributes of an Agile approach - flexibility, predictability, quality, and speed to market are priorities for all successful businesses. Why then, are organizational transformations a challenge for most? The answer often lies with company leadership and an inability to lead the massive cultural shift necessary for a successful company-wide transformation. (Article)

Respect for People - Lean's Neglected Pillar

Jon Terry explores some key ideas around team structure and the responsibilities of both team members and managers in a respectful Lean-Agile company. (Presentation)