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Workshop: “Scaling Technology and Organizations Together” at QCon SF with Randy Shoup!

Randy Shoup leads a workshop on “Scaling Technology and Organizations Together” at QCon San Francisco this year. The tutorial provides a deep dive into modern best practices at innovative companies in Silicon Valley for scaling culture, organization, and technology. You get recommendations on how to start implementing changes to your org team structure, processes, and dev practices. Learn how to attract and retain excellent engineering talent and architect scalable, high-quality, resilient software systems at QCon SF this year.



Adapting the 12-Factor App for Microservices.
Learn how to adapt the core ideas in the classic 12-factor app model to modern microservices architecture optimized for continuous delivery. Live Webinar Tomorrow! Register to attend.

Patrick Kua on Growing Technical Leadership and Evolutionary Architecture

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Patrick Kua from ThoughtWorks on growing technical leadership and evolutionary architecture. (Podcast)

Data Science Latest Content


Scaling with Apache Spark

Holden Karau looks at Apache Spark from a performance/scaling point of view and what’s needed to handle large datasets. (Presentation)

Large Scale Machine Learning for Payment Fraud Prevention

Venkatesh Ramanathan presents how advanced machine learning algorithms such as Deep Learning and Gradient Boosting are applied at PayPal for fraud prevention. (Presentation)



Deploy, operate, and scale a MongoDB database in the cloud with just a few clicks.

DevOps Latest Content


DevOps Enterprise Adoption at CSG International with Erica Morrison

Erica Morrison, from CSG International, talks about their DevOps journey, key initiatives and lessons learned. (Article)



Better development experience with WebStorm. Whether you're working with JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Angular or React, the WebStorm IDE can help you write better code and efficiently debug and test it. Download now!

Development Latest Content


An Introduction to Distributed Tracing and Zipkin

Adrian Cole overviews debugging latency problems using call graphs created by Zipkin and reviews the ecosystem, including tools to trace other languages and frameworks. (Presentation)

API Testing with Code Libraries and Cucumber

Ole Lensmar discusses various ways and tools for testing web APIs, focusing on using Cucumber. (Presentation)



How to CI/CD with open source tools. Create your own continuous deployment pipeline, leveraging open source tools like Travis CI, GitHub, & Terraform. Watch the screencast.

Java Latest Content

Function-Oriented Programming with Spring Cloud Function Framework

Spring Cloud Function is a new project that aims to promote the function as the primary unit of development. The project provides a common model for deploying function-based software across a variety of deployment platforms, including FaaS (Function as a Service) platforms like Amazon’s AWS Lambda. (News)

InfoQ Editors' Choice: Top Architecture Podcasts

Delve into Reactive Programming with Spring 5, front-end programming with Elm and React.js, and explore Stitch Fix's Data Science and Microservices technology stack in this collection of InfoQ's most popular architecture podcasts. Listen Now. (Podcast)

.NET Latest Content

Visual Studio 2017 15.3 Preview Nears Final Release

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 appears to be nearing release as the latest preview focuses on bug fixes. Developers interested in the latest C# 7.1 features and those working with C++ will still find lots to use in the latest Preview 7 release. (News)

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

Billions of Events Per Day with Elixir

Danni Friedland shares insights Node.js and JavaScript developers need to know before deciding to jump into the Elixir boat. (Presentation)

Summer podcast series: Modern Languages

Have some downtime this Summer? Spend some time with us catching up on our 4 essential podcasts on different modern languages summer podcasts. (Podcast)

Mobile Latest Content

IoT Technology Innovations in Healthcare

Kameshwar Eranki discusses the trends, opportunities, disruptive technologies, market players, who is owning what, hot areas of investments and future trends of IoT in healthcare. (Presentation)

Architecture & Design Latest Content

The Art of Crafting Architectural Diagrams

Architectural diagrams can be useful tools for documenting and communicating the design of a system. They must be self descriptive, consistent, accurate enough and connected to the code. Applying some guidelines can ensure the diagrams are useful to a variety of stakeholders. (Article)

Presidential Campaigns & Immutable Infrastructure

Michael Fisher explores how Hillary’s campaign systematically approached every design decision to stay true to immutable principles, leveraging AWS infrastructure along with open source technology. Over the course of 18 months, the SRE team built and ran an immutable infrastructure, supporting a tech org that started with one developer and grew to 80, letting people deploy hundreds of times/day. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 13-17, 2017. Join us!

Building Microservices @Squarespace

Franklin Angulo talks about the company's journey from a monolith architecture to a microservices architecture. He shares his learnings throughout this process, including what the engineers from Squarespace found most useful in a microservice framework, the different open source technologies utilized in the service client and service core, integration points with service discovery, etc. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 13-17, 2017. Join us!

The Paved PaaS to Microservices at Netflix

Yunong Xiao discusses how Netflix standardizes common functionality like service discovery, configuration, metrics, logging, and RPC, across services. These patterns, while described in a Netflix context, can be broadly applicable to increase both reliability and velocity of your microservices architecture. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 13-17, 2017. Join us!

Managing Data in Microservices

Randy Shoup shares proven patterns that have been successful at Google, eBay, and Stitch Fix. Shoup covers managing data, the need to isolate a microservice's data store behind the service interface, using events as a first-class tool in the architectural toolbox, techniques for service extraction from a monolithic database and much more. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 13-17, 2017. Join us!

Your API - Don't Make Developers Hate It

Adeel Ali shares from experience working with developers in 10 programming languages, covering what works and what doesn't, and how to use automation to create a beautiful developer experience for APIs. (Presentation)

API Design and the Future of API Descriptions Formats

Zdenek Nemec discusses the birth, evolution, and the current and the foreseeable future of web APIs. (Presentation)

Top 10 presentations on InfoQ

Put aside one hour and go thru some of the most important trends in software development together with some oldies but goldies presentations. You can choose to watch them or skim thru them using the show notes feature. (Presentation)

Culture & Methods Latest Content

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

Louda Peña from Thoughtworks on Making Diversity Normal

Following on from the awards and recognition that ThoughtWorks has received for inclusiveness and diversity, InfoQ spoke to Louda Peña about what it takes to foster a genuinely diverse and inclusive workplace in a global technology company and her own experiences being part of such a culture. (Article)

Portfolio Planning and Prioritization at Scale

Jasper Sonnevelt discusses how to do portfolio planning and prioritization at scale, elaborating on practices developed at one of the largest banks in Netherlands. (Presentation)

What Google Learned about Creating Effective Teams

Matt Sakaguchi talks about some of the practical research Google has done around building effective teams. He addresses not only the research, but the insights of a manager who worked with his own team and others, to instill the findings and principles in the real world, along with key insights from the Pilot program at Google. (Presentation)
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