Social purpose index

Software is changing the world. Developers are the changers. Our purpose is to empower developers by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in enterprise software development, locally and across the globe. We do this by providing our audience with unbiased, practitioner-driven content that supports mastery for software team leads, architects, and project management.

The Social Purpose Index answers the question, "How well are we fulfilling our purpose?"

Our Contributions

Weekly totals
10 Articles
20 News
12 Presentations
1 Research
4 Interviews
Historical totals
3,665 Articles
26,208 News
4,750 Presentations
57 Research
1,095 Interviews

4,750 free conference presentations and videos
published from 35 conferences since 2006 including

17,200 users participating in our research

30,000 attendees served by 46 QCon conferences held to date in 8 locations

  • QCon London – 2007-2015
  • QCon San Francisco – 2007-2015
  • QCon New York – 2012-2015
  • QCon Beijing – 2009-2015
  • QCon Shanghai – 2015
  • QCon Tokyo – 2009-2015
  • QCon Sao Paulo – 2010-2015
  • QCon Rio – 2014­2015

Over C$36,000 (Canadian) donated to charities to date

  • World Vision
  • Ernstein's Women's Shelter
  • Oxfam Canada
  • Unicef
  • One Foundation
  • Free the Children
  • Because I am a Girl
  • Plan Canada
Feedback over the years

My current employer wanted me to stop many of my external activities, including InfoQ writing…While I could have stayed and stopped doing external writing/training/speaking, I felt it was a sacrifice that I didn't have to make. I'm a better technologist because of the research I do for InfoQ and my other external activities. I think it's a privilege to get to write for InfoQ, and it's one worth changing jobs for! - Richard Seroter

Writing for InfoQ does make me better at my work, which is a big reason of why I keep doing it! -Roopesh

When I started my current job I made it clear to my current employer that my work at InfoQ was non-negotiable. I just couldn't see myself giving up this job; it's just way too much fun!- Jonathan

Conference Committee Member

In retrospect, the pc membership was one of the best group efforts that I have ever participated in. There is a true collective ownership of the process, of the content, and of the conference! The team is incredible to work with, and we have become good friends in the process. Personably, aside from the friendships I have forged, what I value the most about the pc experience is the connections I was able to make over the last 6 months. Meanwhile, it opened my eyes towards the promising technologies and multiple views from the thought leaders….The investment pays off in many intangible ways! - Khawaja Shams, QCon New York