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    Interview and Book Excerpt: Ola Bini, "Practical JRuby on Rails Web 2.0 Projects"

    by Scott Delap Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 27, 2008

    JRuby core developer Ola Bini sat down to talk with InfoQ about Ruby and how he came to be involved with JRuby. In the interview Bini talks about the challenges of developing JRuby and where it is headed in the future. In addition to the interview, InfoQ is also proud to present an excerpt from Bini's book Practical JRuby on Rails Web 2.0 Projects.

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    Deploying JRuby applications with Java Web Start

    by Mirko Stocker Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 07, 2008 3

    JRuby is built on Java - so it can make use of Java Web Start to make it easy to deploy JRuby apps. This article walks through the necessary steps for releasing a JRuby app with Java Web Start, including: how to handle signing, setting JRuby parameters and a look at using JRuby 1.1's coming AheadOfTime (AOT) compilation feature.

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    Ruby Concurrency, Actors, and Rubinius - Interview with MenTaLguY

    by Werner Schuster Follow 4 Followers on  Jan 31, 2008 1

    With Erlang popularizing Actors, Rubinius adding its Multi-VM, and Ruby 1.9 adding another concurrency primitive with Fibers (Coroutines), a lot of things are going on in the Ruby concurrency world. So we interviewed MenTaLguY, who works on Rubinius, JRuby and many aspects of concurrency in the Ruby world.


NetBeans: Ruby Developer's New Best Friend (Part 2)

Posted by Roman Strobl Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 13, 2007

This is the second article in an ongoing series detailing the new Ruby support of the Netbeans 6.0 IDE. This installment takes a look at editing features, GEM support, and unit testing. 11


InfoQ Book Excerpt: Rails for Java Developers

Posted by Stuart Halloway Follow 3 Followers on  Feb 13, 2007

Rails for Java Programmers, by Stuart Halloway and Justin Gehtland, teaches the Rails framework to Java developers. This InfoQ excerpt includes sections on controllers, core classes, and unit testing. 2

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