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Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About 2024 eMag


This emag includes:

  • AWS Lambda under the Hood -  AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service running at a massive scale. After an introduction to Lambda itself, there is an outline of the key concepts of the service and its fundamentals, with a deep dive into understanding the system.
  • Relational Data at the Edge: How Cloudflare Operates Distributed PostgreSQL Clusters - Explore Cloudflare's distributed PostgreSQL clusters and learn how a cross-region architecture ensures resilience. Discover how data storage and access at the edge deliver massive performance gains by reducing location-sensitive latency.
  • Understanding Architectures for Multi-Region Data Residency - This article focuses on implementing data residency strategies for a positive stakeholder experience. It underscores the need to diversify data locations, driven by motivations like disaster recovery and geo-redundancy.
  • Managing 238M Memberships at Netflix - In this article we explore how the Netflix membership team does distributed systems: the architecture bets, technology choices, and operational semantics that serve the needs of Netflix’s ever-growing member base.
  • Unpacking How Ad Ranking Works at Pinterest - This article discusses how Pinterest serves advertisements, with a focus on how Machine Learning is used to serve ads at large scale. We explore ads marketplaces and the ad delivery funnel, the ad serving architecture, and two of the main problems: ad retrieval and ranking.

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