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Confessions of a Scrum Master


In my years as a software engineer, scrum master, and agile portfolio manager, it has been a combination of my experiences and implementing continuous improvement that have by far provided me with the most learning. The experiences have been both good and bad. They have involved mistakes by my colleagues and, more importantly, mistakes by me. I have found that our own mistakes are often the biggest wake-up calls of all. However, I have also learned that as long as we truly inspect and adapt, we always grow hugely from our mistakes.  Bearing this in mind, this book contains seven short stories that will give you:

  1. Insight into real life experiences through common, difficult situations that have occurred in real corporate organisations
  2. Confessions that reveal mistakes I have made on the job and how I have used them to improve
  3. Lessons learned by an industry expert that can be applied to any project, in any organisation

These are my confessions.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Scrum Introduction and Recap
  • The Characters
  • Confession 1: Tools vs. People
  • Confession 2: Release-Planning Peril
  • Confession 3: Intro to Scrum Gone Bad
  • Confession 4: Stand-Up vs. Sprint Review
  • Confession 5: Taking the Team to Task
  • Confession 6: Retrospective Regret
  • Confession 7: The Bloated Bug Backlog

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