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InfoQ Homepage Guides The InfoQ eMag: Effective Software Delivery with Data-Driven Decision Making

The InfoQ eMag: Effective Software Delivery with Data-Driven Decision Making


Software product delivery organizations deliver complex software systems on an ever more frequent basis. The main activities involved in the software delivery are Product Management, Development, and Operations. In each of the activities, many decisions have to be made fast to advance the delivery. In Product Management, the decisions are about feature prioritization. In Development, it is about the efficiency of the development process. And in Operations, it is about reliability.

This eMag on Data-Driven Decision Making provides an overview of how the three main activities in software delivery can be supported by data-driven decision making to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and service reliability of a software delivery organization.

The articles in this eMag come from the InfoQ series on Data-Driven Decision Making where Vladyslav Ukis shared his experiences from Siemens Healthineers; a large-scale distributed software delivery organization consisting of 16 software delivery teams located in three countries.

Each of the articles highlights an area where data-driven decision making can be applied:

  • In Product Management, Hypotheses can be used to steer the effectiveness of product decisions.
  • In Development, Continuous Delivery Indicators can be used to steer the efficiency of the development process.
  • In Operations, SRE’s SLIs and SLOs can be used to steer the reliability of services in production.

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