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InfoQ eMag: The Best of Mobile Development


Download the Mobile Development eMag to learn about strategies for developing native, HTML5, and hybrid mobile apps, the state of cross-platform mobile tools, and the future of mobile development.  

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Contents of the Mobile Development eMag include:

  • Building Hybrid Mobile Apps with ASP.NET MVC Daniel Jebaraj demonstrates creating hybrid mobile apps with Android and ASP.NET MVC.
  • Bijan Vaez on HTML5 Learn why the EventMobi conference mobile app was built with HTML5 instead of native technologies, the challenges and advantages, and much more.
  • InfoQ Research Results: What are the Most Important and Mature Cross-Platform Mobile Tools? InfoQ examined the importance and adoption level of a range of cross platform mobile tools that aim to help developers deliver applications on a variety of mobile platforms. The results have been made available in this eMag.  
  • Mobile, HTML5 and the Cross-Platform Promise Maximiliano Firtman discusses the status of HTML5 and its browser support, introducing cross-platform app creation for the store, including hybrid apps with PhoneGap.

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