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InfoQ eMag: Advanced DevOps Toolchain


This edition follows in the steps of the previous “DevOps Toolchain for Beginners” eMag. Once an organization has acquired the essential skill set to provision and manage infrastructure, set up delivery pipelines and analyze logs and metrics, it will then gradually face more complex decisions. Decisions that depend much more on the type of systems architecture and organizational structure than on individual tool choices.

In this eMag we provide both implementation examples and comparisons of different possible approaches on a range of topics from immutable infrastructure to self-service ops platforms and service discovery. In addition, we talk about the Docker ecosystem and the different aspects to consider when moving to this increasingly popular system for shipping and running applications.

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Contents of the Advanced DevOps Toolchain eMag include:

  • Virtual Panel on Immutable Infrastructure - “Immutable Infrastructure” is a term that has been increasingly talked about lately among the Ops community. InfoQ reached out to experienced ops engineers to ask them what is the definition and borders of immutable infrastructure as well as its benefits and drawbacks, in particular when compared to current widespread “desired state” configuration management solutions.
  • Docker: Present and Future - Chris Swan presents an overview of the Docker journey so far and where it is headed along with its growing ecosystem of tools for orchestration, composition and scaling. This article provides both a business and a technical point of view on Docker and separates the hype from the reality.
  • How I Built a Self-Service Automation Platform - The current buzz in the industry is how DevOps is changing the world and how the traditional role of operations is changing. Part of these discussions lead to building self-service automation tools which enable developers to actually deploy and support their own code. Brian Carpio describes his journey towards an infrastructure that development teams could deploy with the click of a mouse or an API call.
  • Managing Build Jobs for Continuous Delivery - The number of jobs in a continuous integration tool can range from a few to several thousand, all performing various functions. There is an approach to manage these jobs in a more efficient manner.
  • Service Discovery - Building microservices using immutable infrastructure means that your services need to be reconfigured with the location of the other services they need to connect to. This process is called Service Discovery. This article compares the approaches by several key contenders, from Zookeeper to Consul, Etcd, Eureka and "rolling your own".

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