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InfoQ eMag: A Preview of C# 7


Microsoft first released the C# programming language to the public in 2000 and since has carefully expanded the capabilities that C# offers in a measured way. The language has evolved through six releases to add everything from generics to lambda expressions to asynchronous methods and string interpolation.

As a C# developer, it is important to stay informed of the language’s evolution. Understanding how and why the new language features are used is important whether you plan to incorporate them in your own projects or just read through the code of others.

In this eMag, we have curated a collection of new and previously published content that provides the reader with a solid introduction to C# 7 as it is defined today. It is important to stay familiar with the current proposals so you know what to expect in the final release, and this eMag is one way to begin your journey.

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A Preview of C# 7 eMag includes:

  • C# Today and Tomorrow - Mads Torgersen talks about how C# is evolving, how the teams work in the open source space, and some of the future features and changes to the language (C# 7).
  • C# 7 Features Previewed - Over the last year we've shown you various features that were being considered for C# 7. With the 4th preview of Visual Studio 15, Microsoft has decided to demonstrate the features it has planned for the final release of C# 7.
  • Tuples and Anonymous Structs - The plans for C# 7 are being constantly reviewed by Microsoft, even as it nears completion. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the proposals starting with language support for tuples-- a data structure popular many other languages.
  • Managed Pointers - A big emphasis for many developers, especially those writing games or working on pure number crunching, is raw performance. One way to get more performance out of C# is to avoid allocating memory without having to copy structs instead. The next proposal shows how C# can expose the CLR managed pointer support to do just that.
  • Advanced Pattern-Matching Features - Removed from C# 7 Advanced pattern matching features that were originally expected to be present in C# 7 have been recently excluded from the future branch and will not make it into the next version of the language.
  • Patterns and Practices in C# 7 - Preview C# 7 is going to be a major update with a lot of interesting new capabilities. Using the principles found in the .NET Framework Design Guidelines, we’re going to take a first pass at laying down strategies for getting the most from these new features.

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