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InfoQ Homepage Guides The InfoQ eMag: Cloud Native Patterns & Practices

The InfoQ eMag: Cloud Native Patterns & Practices


In this eMag, the InfoQ team pulled together stories that best help you understand this cloud-native revolution, and what it takes to jump in. It features interviews with industry experts, and articles on key topics like migration, data, and security.

We talk to industry vets Kevin Hoffman, Christian Posta, and Matt Stine about the definitions and implications of cloud-native. You'll find a lot of insightful points in that interview. Justin Garrison and Kris Nova talk with InfoQ about their book on cloud-native infrastructure and how you should think about it. We have a couple of stories that help you with modernizing your existing infrastructure, and an article on how to rethink your data strategy. Finally, don't miss a thought-provoking piece on an approach to cloud-native security.

A cloud-native approach improves how companies of all ages and sizes deliver software to customers. Enjoy the actionable, forward-thinking insight in this eMag!

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Cloud Native Patterns & Practices eMag includes:

  • Defining Cloud Native: A Panel Discussion - What is “cloud-native”, why should you care, and how can your team adopt this way of delivering so ware? InfoQ gathered three industry experts to debate the topic.
  • What Is “Cloud-Native” Data and Why Does It Matter? - We know what “cloud-native apps” are, but what about the data services they depend on? In this article, we look at ten characteristics of cloud-native data and the implications of each.
  • Understanding Cloud Native Infrastructure: Interview with Justin Garrison and Kris Nova - “Cloud Native Infrastructure: Patterns for Scalable Infrastructure and Applications in a Dynamic Environment” from O’Reilly Media is a collection of guidance about building and managing modern infrastructure. InfoQ reached out to the authors to learn more about what they’re proposing, and how you can act upon it.
  • How to Make the Leap: Building Cloud-Ready Applications into the Architecture - How do you take all very different kinds of applications and make them ready for cloud? is article by Pete Johnson looks at cloud-ready criteria and strategies.
  • Transitioning to Cloud Native Applications and Beyond - Enterprises have continued to accelerate their adoption of cloud infrastructures. As this shift continues, it is important to understand what this means to applications that run in cloud environments.

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