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InfoQ eMag: Graph Databases


Graph databases are getting lot of attention lately. They are used to manage connected data and are better solutions for several real-world use cases which require the mapping of relationships between data entities for data driven business decision making.

This eMag focuses on the graph database landscape and the real world use cases of graph databases. It includes the articles, presentations and interviews covering topics like data modeling in graph databases and how companies use graph databases in their application. It also includes an article on full stack web development using a graph database so the readers can see the power of Graph databases to manage the connected data.

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Graph Databases eMag include:

  • Let Me Graph That For You -  In this article on Graph Databases, author Ian Robinson discusses the problems Graph DBs aim to solve. He also talks about the data, storage, and query models for managing graph data.
  • Data Modeling in Graph Databases: Interview with Jim Webber and Ian Robinson - Data modeling with Graph databases requires a different paradigm than modeling in Relational or other NoSQL databases like Document databases, Key Value data stores, or Column Family databases. InfoQ spoke with Jim Webber and Ian Robinson about data modeling efforts when using Graph databases.
  • High Tech, High Sec.: Security Concerns in Graph Databases - Graph NoSQL databases support data models with connected data and relationships. In this article, the author discusses the security implications of graph database technology. He talks about the privacy and security concerns in use cases like graph discovery, knowledge management, and prediction.
  • Graph Databases in the Enterprise: Fraud Detection - Financial services organizations lose billions of dollars every year to fraud transactions. Graph NoSQL databases can be used to uncover fraud rings and other complex scams using contextual link analysis and potentially stop advanced fraud scenarios in real time. Checkout this article for a detailed discussion of one of the most impactful and interesting use cases of graph database technologies, fraud detection.
  • Full Stack Web Development Using Neo4j - When building a web application there are a lot of choices for the database. In this article, author discusses why Neo4j Graph database is a good choice as a data store for your web application if your data model contains lot of connected data and relationships.

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