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The InfoQ eMag: Holacracy Sociocracy


Organizations around the world are rethinking their management structures and the very fundamentals of how to organize people, how to undertake work, and how to make decisions. New management models are designed to move decision making to the edge, to the people closest to the customer and empowering those people to do what they feel is the best for the customer and the organization.

The new wave of management approaches is designed around empowered, trusted, cross-functional teams operating within constraints and united by shared vision of success.

In this eMag, we explore the real-world stories of organizations that have adopted some of these new ways of working. These articles include examples of sociocracy, Holacracy, teal organizations, self-selection, self-management, and with no managers.  

Some of the vexing questions that often pop up when these topics are discussed are how do they work, how are they organized, what happens when people disagree, how do they achieve alignment, what happens when things go wrong, what about career progression? At InfoQ, we've followed these new ways of working since we published our first article on the topic in 2006. In this eMag, we bring together a number of pieces that explore these and other questions around the what, why, and how of sociocracy and Holacracy from people who have “been there and done that”.

DevSecOps is now clearly established as an essential approach to build in security early in an application's lifecycle. The necessary tooling is also available to integrate security activities in modern software delivery pipelines. Yet we keep hearing about high profile breaches in the news (from which you might or might not want to think about how many lower-profile breaches happen on a regular basis). Why are the tools not enough?

With this eMag, we present you expert security advice on how to effectively integrate security practices and processes in the software delivery lifecycle, so that everyone from development to security and operations understands and contributes to the overall security of the applications and infrastructure.

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