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InfoQ eMag: Lean & Kanban


The Lean & Kanban eMag brings together the latest thinking on the application of Lean and Kanban in the software world. It examines topics ranging from identifying and removing waste in the software process, designing for devops and continuous delivery, the overlap of lean, Kanban and agile, practical implementation of Kanban in software development and how these approaches contribute to innovation.

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Contents of the Lean & Kanban eMag include:

  • Applying Lean Thinking to Software Development Lean’s major concept is about reducing waste, meaning anything in your production cycle that is not adding value to the customer is considered waste and should therefore be removed from the process. Steven Peeters explains how you can apply Lean principles in an IT environment.
  • Queues – the true enemy of flow No-one wants IT projects to be late. But when they are, it’s rarely because of how long the actual work takes. Tasks and projects spend more time inactive, sitting in a queue, than being worked on. Despite this, most project management offices measure activity, not queues. This article examines why we should track queues and quantify their cost in order to make meaningful gains in speed of delivery
  • Kanban Pioneer: Interview with David J. Anderson Kanban pioneer David J. Anderson recently went to Brazil to present a course on Kanban, and gave a wide-ranging interview to InfoQ Brasil editors.
  • Implementing Kanban in Practice At the Lean Kanban conference, InfoQ asked Dr. Arne Roock how a team can evaluate whether Kanban is the right tool, and how to kick it off. Dr. Roock offers some prescriptive advice.
  • Using Kanban to Turn Around Distressed Projects This case study describes how Kanban and lean development techniques were used to rescue a distressed project that had violated its budget, schedule, and quality constraints. The article presents a detailed account of how the techniques were introduced mid-project to establish control over a chaotic project environment, and is supported with several charts that show the team’s progress.
  • The Evils of Multi-tasking and How Personal Kanban Can Help You Sandy Mamoli explains how to avoid multi-tasking by using personal Kanban and other Agile practices applied at the individual level.

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