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InfoQ eMag: QCon London 2016 Report


This year was the tenth anniversary for QCon London, and was the first London event produced and run entirely by InfoQ and the C4Media events team after we acquired Trifork’s stake in the event last year. It was also our largest London event to date. Including our 140 speakers we had 1,400 team leads, architects, and project managers attending 112 technical sessions across 18 concurrent tracks and 12 in-depth workshops.

Adrian Colyer's opening keynote introduced one of the main themes for this year’s event - the importance of computer engineers from industry reading academic papers. A practical example of industry and academia working together followed in Wednesday's keynote when Peter Alvaro and Kolton Andrus described applying Failure Testing Research at Netflix. 

Amongst a huge number of other engaging and thought provoking technical sessions were important conversations on topics such as unintended bias in machine learning systems, and the very real dangers of employee burnout. 

This eMag brings together InfoQ’s reporting of the event, along with views and opinions shared by attendees.

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