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InfoQ eMag: Scalability


The Scalability eMag examines topics such as how Twitter re-architected its code-base to improve stability and performance, the approaches Netflix uses to be hyper-resilient, and how Java is replacing C++ for low latency coding. We also look at some lower level tricks such as feedback controls for auto-scaling, and using memory and execution profiling to identify performance bottlenecks in Java.

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Contents of the Scalability eMag include:

  • Interview with Raffi Krikorian on Twitter's Infrastructure - Raffi Krikorian, Vice President of Platform Engineering at Twitter, gives an insight on how Twitter prepares for unexpected traffic peaks and how system architecture is designed to support failure.
  • Interview: Adrian Cockcroft on High Availability, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned in the Cloud - Netflix is a widely referenced case study for how to effectively operate a cloud application at scale. While their hyper-resilient approach may not be necessary at most organizations, Netflix has advanced the conversation about what it means to build modern systems. In this interview, InfoQ spoke with Adrian Cockcroft who is the Cloud Architect for the Netflix platform.
  • To Execution Profile or to Memory Profile? That is the Question - There are times when memory profiling will provide a clearer picture than execution profiling to find execution hot spots. In this article Kirk Pepperdine talks through some indicators for determining when to use which kind of profiler.
  • Virtual Panel: Using Java in Low Latency Environments - Java is increasingly being used for low latency work where previously C and C++ were the de-facto choices. InfoQ brought together four experts in the field to discuss what is driving the trend, and some of the best practices when using Java in these situations.
  • Reliable Auto-Scaling using Feedback Control - Philipp K. Janert explains how to reliably auto-scale systems using a reactive approach based on feedback control, which provides a more accurate solution than deterministic or rule-based ones.

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