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InfoQ Homepage Guides The InfoQ eMag - The InfoQ Software Trends Report 2019: Volume 1

The InfoQ eMag - The InfoQ Software Trends Report 2019: Volume 1


This eMag is part of our 2019/2020 trends overview. The insights come from our editorial team, all of whom are software engineers, who push the barrier of innovation in their professional lives. Read and reflect on their insights to inspire your tech visions and roadmap for 2020.


At InfoQ we are passionate about software. Our team of regular editors and contributors all have full-time jobs in the software industry, building software and managing software teams.  Our mission is to facilitate the spread and change of innovation in professional software development. We do this through the content we publish online via InfoQ and a number of other platforms including YouTube, Apple News, Alexa, as well as in-person through the various QCon conferences we run around the world.

To help guide our content, groups of our editors meet regularly to discuss the global content strategy for InfoQ and the technology trends that significantly impact our industry.  During these discussions, we consider the state of practice, emerging ideas and things we hear within our network and at meetups, conferences, analyst events, etc. We also take into account traffic patterns on the site and attendance at sessions at QCon and other industry conferences as well as, where possible, publicly accessible surveys, our own reader surveys and other data.

The output from these discussions is a series of topic graphs, based on a technology adoption curve, which we use to inform our content policy. 

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