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InfoQ Homepage Guides The InfoQ eMag: Paths to Production: Deployment Pipelines as a Competitive Advantage

The InfoQ eMag: Paths to Production: Deployment Pipelines as a Competitive Advantage


Enabling developers to push code to production at an ever-increasing velocity has become a competitive advantage. By rapidly deploying applications, companies can easily keep up with changes in the business and surrounding market and thus maintain competitiveness. Automating deployments allow developers to reduce errors, increase productivity, and deploy more frequently. 

In the early days, deployments from development environments to production were predominantly a manual process or consisted of utilizing a chain of custom scripts. Both developers and operations teams had to spend a lot of time on laborious manual chores like code testing and release. With the introduction of continuous integrations and deployments capabilities through tooling, this process became more automated. Moreover, pipelines were introduced with the primary purpose of keeping the software development process organized and focused.

Over the years, pipelines became more sophisticated and more critical for companies' IT departments that went through digital transformations. More software became available online as services, APIs, and products requiring a quick update and maintenance cycle. Furthermore, companies embraced the DevOps processes around pipelines and - once applied correctly - gained a competitive advantage, according to the research from the "Accelerate" book by Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim.

In this eMag, you will be introduced to the paths to production and how several global companies supercharge developers and keep their competitiveness by balancing speed and safety. We’ve hand-picked three full-length articles to showcase that.

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The InfoQ eMag - Paths to Production: Deployment Pipelines as a Competitive Advantage include:

  • Paving the Road to Production - Coinbase has gotten much from its deploy pipelines. We deploy thousands of servers across hundreds of projects per day, to serve our millions of customers and their billions in assets. This article explores the journey Coinbase took to get where it is now, it describes their paved roads and how they've had to change over time in response to their company growing.
  • Safe and Fast Deploys at Planet Scale - At QCon Plus, Mathias Schwarz, a software engineer at Uber, presented safe and fast deploys at planet scale. Uber is a big business and has several different products. They are, in most cases, deployed to dozens or hundreds of markets all over the world.
  • Improving Speed and Stability of Software Delivery Simultaneously at Siemens Healthineers - In this article, we focus on the software delivery process at Siemens Healthineers Digital Health. The process is subject to strict regulations valid in the medical industry. We show our journey of transforming the process towards speed and stability. Both measures improved at the same time during the transformation, confirming research from the “Accelerate” book.

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