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InfoQ Homepage News Eclipse AJDT Release Provides Support for AspectJ 1.5.3 on Eclipse 3.0-3.3

Eclipse AJDT Release Provides Support for AspectJ 1.5.3 on Eclipse 3.0-3.3

The AJDT teams recently released 4 new versions of AJDT providing numerous bug fixes, new features, and support AspectJ 1.5.3. This is the first time that the AJDT versions for Eclipse 3.0-3.3 have been released simultaneously:
AJDT 1.4.1 for Eclipse 3.2 - this is the latest stable release of AJDT for the latest stable release of Eclipse. The release includes AspectJ 1.5.3, numerous bug fixes and new features in the areas of binary weaving, refactoring and build automation.

AJDT 1.5M3 for Eclipse 3.3M3 - a milestone release with the same AJDT functionality and AspectJ version as AJDT 1.4.1, supporting the latest Eclipse milestone.

AJDT 1.3.3 for Eclipse 3.1 - an update to AJDT 1.3.2 incorporating AspectJ 1.5.3.

AJDT 1.2.3 for Eclipse 3.0 - an update to AJDT 1.2.2 incorporating AspectJ 1.5.3.

Among the changes in this latest version of AJDT:

  • Refactoring participant support - Renaming a class will update references to that class from any aspects in the same project.
  • Improved Binary Weaving support

  • Improved AspectJ Build Properties
  • Build Automation for AspectJ enabled plugin-ins - AJDT now includes a replacement pdebuild-ant.jar file to enable the AspectJ compiler to be used by automated PDE builds.


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