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InfoQ Homepage News ASP.NET Futures to Include Support for Ruby?

ASP.NET Futures to Include Support for Ruby?

The Microsoft website ASP.NET has released the May 2007 edition of ASP.NET Futures. This release demonstrates potential features for post-Orcas versions of ASP.NET including Sivlerlight controls and dynamic language support. Features include:

  • The Silverlight controls mentioned include a media control for displaying audio and video and a XAML control for embedding XAML and related JavaScript files.
  • On the AJAX side, improved support for managing browser history with plans on restoring functionality to the back button.
  • Dynamic data controls, an extension to the current data bound grids, will support automatically formatting runtime-bound columns.
  • A search API that integrates into commercial search engines like Windows Live Search, and presumably Google.

And finally, Somasegar adds something of interest for the Python and Ruby crowd

Dynamic Languages support in ASP.NET - Provides support for both IronPython and Managed Jscript, as well as the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) - extending the language choice for developers and brings the benefits of dynamic languages to the entire .NET platform from client to server. With the DLR you can use those same languages on the Server for ASP.NET Web applications, Web Services, and more.


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