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Lord Of The Rings: Web Style

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Paul Downey from BT has produced an adventuring map for the Web in the style of that used by the Fellowship of the Ring, or Bilbo. It includes historical aspects, relationships to standards and other wonderful visualizations:

 Using a Web 2.0 approach, the original map is augmented with various call-outs to emphasize different aspects, such as "Google's all seeing eye", Mordorsoft and "FUD" in what would be Mordor, the Tower of WS-Babel, which is surrounded by the Swamp of BPEL and the Ruins of CORBA. Although probably starting out as a fun way to visualize the world of SOA, Web Services and the Web in general, it makes some interesting points (such as the reference to the Maelstrom of Incompatibility and the Lost Tribe of UDDI).

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