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InfoQ Homepage News EviWare Releases v2.0 of soapUI, a Web Services Test Suite

EviWare Releases v2.0 of soapUI, a Web Services Test Suite

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EviWare is an open source Swedish company that specializes in Web Services test suites. They recently released v2.0 of their soapUI product at JavaPolis 2007.

The full introduction to the release can be found here and the user manual here.

The tool provide full WSDL Coverage Analysis both at the operation and schema levels, all the way down to which element is tested.

It provides a Test Refactoring capability which:

....enables [users] to refactor all [their] tests as the WSDLs are updated. Test Refactoring takes into account how updated WSDLs affects your XPath expressions.

soapUI's requirements management capability connects Test Cases and Requirements which can be directly typed in or imported.

It was already possible to get test data from a data source, in this release, EviWare has added a DataSink capability where the data from the test responses can be added to a data sink (database, Excel or csv file).

EviWare also introduced support for WS-Security 1.0 (March 2004) using UserName or X.509 tokens. The release is capable of testing authentication, digital signature and encryption.

The product is capable of capturing SOAP requests and responses to create test requests, test cases and mock up services. The tool can even create WSDLs for these mock up services.

When test cases depend on each other, the product support the creation of test chains that manage parameter inputs and outputs.

soapUI comes in different varieties and in particular as an eclipse plugin..

Mike Jennings, an enterprise application developer at UNC-Chapel Hill and user of soapUI, commented:

This tool has helped me debug issues with my code, how my codes client software might not be setup correct, and help identify issues with other users software. The client is free to use and is a java ebstart application, so it can be run on any system.

Rick Grehan has published last month on InfoWorld an analysis of 5 Web Services test tools. Last week, Mindreef published a comprehensive handbook that introduces a SOA Testing methodology. This handbook was co-authored by David Linthicum.

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