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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Configuring the Spring Container

Presentation: Configuring the Spring Container


In this presentation from QCon San Francisco 2007, SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson discusses the Spring Framework. Topics covered include the philosophy behind Spring, configuring the Spring container, XML configuration, new XML configuration namespaces, Annotation-based configuration, automatic component annotation scanning, Spring JavaConfig, mixing configuration types, and Spring 2.5 new features.

Watch Configuring the Spring Container (71 minutes).

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Community comments

  • Spring JavaConfig

    by Chris Beams,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    For those interested in Rod's section on Spring JavaConfig (45:30-1:00:30), a number of items mentioned in the presentation have since been updated. Take a look at What's new in M3 for details, and also stay tuned for the forthcoming M4 release.

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