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CodePlex Adds Support for TortoiseSVN

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CodePlex has recently announced that it is supporting SVN clients, like TortoiseSVN, to connect to its code repository in order to synchronize source code and resources. In the past, SVN users had to run SvnBridge every time they wanted to synchronize with CodePlex, but now it can be done only by using the correct URL in SVN client's settings.

CodePlex is using Team Foundation Server (TFS) as a Version Control System (VCS), and its users need to use a Team Foundation Client, like Visual Studio, to connect to TFS to store/retrieve a project. The Open Source community is using mostly Subversion as a VCS, which supports clients like TortoiseSVN, popular among people in the Open Source community.

CodePlex has created SvnBridge to allow SVN users to connect to its large repository of projects. In the past, SVN users had to run a local copy of SvnBridge every time they wanted to open a session with CodePlex. SvnBridge has been improved, so users just need to use the correct URL path when starting the sessions:

It is mandatory to use HTTPS, and projectname should be replaced with the CodePlex name of the project. SvnBridge itself is available as a project on CodePlex and can be accessed from a SVN client.


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