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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Joshua Kerievsky about Industrial XP

Interview: Joshua Kerievsky about Industrial XP

In this interview made by Sadek Drobi of InfoQ, Joshua Kerievsky, founder of Industrial Logic, talks about Industrial Extreme Programming which extends XP by including practices dealing with management, customers and developers.

Watch: Joshua Kerievsky about Industrial XP (23 min)

Beside talking about starting his company, Industrial Logic, Joshua talks about Industrial Extreme Programming (IXP). IXP has been developed internally by practicing Agile principles and adapting to customer's needs. Instead of focusing entirely on the development process, Joshua says they have discovered the necessity to consider the management and customers. It all started from an Agile readiness assessment, when they considered a company was ready for Agile, just to discover later that the company wasn't ready at all because, for example, the version control department had a strict control over committing code making continuous integration impossible. So, they broadened their assessment process to include interviews with people at all levels: executive, management, customers, developers, testers, anyone involved.

Joshua says the IXP currently contains 23 practices. One of the most important is Story Test Driven Development. Before writing any unit test, a story test is written. This helps understanding the requirements better, he says, and verifies the correctness of the unit tests written later.

Joshua also talks about Scrum as compared with IXP, and the e-learning facility Industrial Logic provides.

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