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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Linda Rising: Prejudices Can Alter Team Work

Interview: Linda Rising: Prejudices Can Alter Team Work


 In this interview filmed during Agile 2008, following the presentation "Who Do You Trust?", Linda Rising shows how prejudices can affect the relationships between team members. According to Linda, we all have a tendency to categorize others based on characteristics like race, religion, sex, but also based on more trivial characteristics, and many times we are not even aware we are doing it.

Watch: Linda Rising: Prejudices Can Alter Team Work (46 min)

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Community comments

  • Excellent!!

    by Kiran Rao,

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    Hi Linda,

    This is one of the great talk I have ever watched.
    It is so trivial, issues that we ignore and take it for granted. If you come up with another handbook on the individual behaviour,it will be guiding book for each one who makes conclusions on another individual.
    Linda, You once again rock !!. I enjoy all your videos at InfoQ website..


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