InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Dan Diephouse on Building your next service with the Atom Publishing Protocol

Presentation: Dan Diephouse on Building your next service with the Atom Publishing Protocol


In a presentation, recorded at QCon San Francisco, MuleSource architect Dan Diephouse explores ways to use the Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) when building services in a RESTful way. He explains when to use and when to avoid using AtomPub, highlights its advantages, and shows where it doesn't provide a generic solution.

While not as well known as the RSS successor, the Atom Syndication Format, the Atom Publishing Protocol might play an equally important role in building interoperable systems. Atom and AtomPub match a wide variety of use cases, but not all of them – some might be better served with a more generic protocol, others might require a more specialized solution. 

Dan Diephouse, who is well-known as the founder of the XFire open source project (which has now become Apache CXF), discusses these and other issues surrounding REST, Atom, and AtomPub.

Watch the full presentation (52 minutes).

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