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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Convergence: Model-Based Software, Systems And Control Engineering

Presentation: Convergence: Model-Based Software, Systems And Control Engineering


In this presentation filmed during OOPSLA 2008, Janos Sztipanovits attempts to tackle the complexity of large scale systems integration. Software, systems and control engineering converge in such systems, raising the integration challenges and demanding a new approach to model-based design.

Watch: Convergence: Model-Based Software, Systems And Control Engineering (1h 15min)

After a quick look at the current industry trends, Janos observes that the integration force behind the currently industry developments is the Networking and Information Technology (NIT) by connecting many physical and computational objects in what he calls “Cyber-Physical Systems” (CPS). CPS plays an important role today accounting for about 50% of the added value in new cars, airplanes, medical equipment, etc.. The role of CPS is supposed to further increase in this century being considered the innovation engine for most industry sectors.

Creating CPS means converging software, systems and control engineering which is achieved by modeling design. CPS model-based design (MBD) needs to overcome certain challenges: Agile Design Automation, System Integration, and High Confidence Design. For each of these challenges, MBD needs to provide certain capabilities like: support for Domain Specific Modeling Languages (DSML), DSML integration and translation, meta-programmable tool infrastructure, model-based code generation, and others, which Janos presents in detail.

The session ended with Janos taking questions from the audience.

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