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InfoQ Homepage News Iron Speed Designer 6.0 Has Been Improved

Iron Speed Designer 6.0 Has Been Improved

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Iron Speed Designer is a Web 2.0 application generator enabling developers to visually create web pages for .NET/IIS without needing to know HTML or ASPX. The latest version, 6.0, has an improved layout editor, new page types, new workflow page types and live page preview.

Iron Speed Designer 6.0 has a set of new features:

Layout Editor – the new layout editor allows developers to visually create and modify web pages without knowing HTML or ASPX.

Workflow Page Types

  • Emailable table and record pages – one can send a table or a record directly from the application via email
  • Printable table and record pages – create pages ready to be printed

Page Types – Record in Table, Table – Table, and Table – Record pages can be constructed by putting together visual elements representing tables or records within a single control.

Live Page Preview – pages can be previewed within Iron Speed Designer without compilation or loading the page in a browser.

Iron Speed Designer comes in three editions: Free, Professional and Enterprise. There is no time limitation on using the Free edition, but its number of features is quite limited compared to the Enterprise one.

Iron Speed Designer needs an Internet connection all the time it is running. To be able to use it offline, one needs to activate the offline mode which can be later deactivated if necessary.

The OS requirements are: Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Vista. It works with the following databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access and MySQL. Web Server: IIS 5, IIS 6, IIS 7. Browser: Internet Explorer. Firefox is supposed to render well but not supported. Third party controls: Crystal Reports, FCKEditor, Infragistics, Telerik. 

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