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CruiseControl.NET 1.4.3 Released

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ThoughtWorks has released a new version of CruiseControl.NET, the popular continuous integration server for .NET projects. The source and binaries are available for download on SourceForge.

Version 1.4.3 includes the following features:

  • New ccnet.config validation program
  • A new standalone program, CCValidator, is available to validate the continuous integration server's configuration file, ccnet.config. Also note that this program was accidentally left out of the 1.4.3 binaries package.
  • Source Control errors during GetModifications will now fail the build
  • Previously when there was an error during the GetModification stage, there was only a log on the server level and the build was considered good. This has been changed so the build will now go into the 'Exception' state. The project will still be running and continue to check for modifications. By default, CCNet will tolerate 5 consecutive errors but will stop the project on a 6th error. At that point someone will need to intervene to clear the error and restart the build. The number of errors recorded before stopping the build is configurable by changing the project level 'maxSourceControlRetries' attribute in the configuration file. The email publisher can be configured to send mails for each error recorded.
  • Email Publisher has been improved again
  • An LDAP lookup can be performed to convert userneames into email addresses
  • Breakers of a build are listed on the Dashboard and in CCTray
  • The breakers of a build are now shown on the Dashboard and CCTray. Also, this information is exposed to other programs through the xmlStatusReport.aspx dashboard page. These are collected using the same mechanism the email publisher uses to build the addressee lists for emails.
  • Custom Icons now work in CCTray
  • Build states and servers can have custom icons specified for CCTray. Previous versions had resource leaks around the handling of custom icons.
  • Dashboard Improvements
  • The project categories are also available on the farm level. Extra checks are added on loading plugins. Project status view now includes actions for a project, plus the current status. Can set a custom location for loading templates.
  • Svn and Cvs updates
  • Numerous bug fixes

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