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InfoQ Homepage News Intalio acquires Webtide, makers of Jetty

Intalio acquires Webtide, makers of Jetty

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Webtide, the creators of the Jetty Java-based web server, have been acquired by Intalio. Jetty has recently completed its move to Eclipse, and the future of Jetty as a key part of the embedded Java space is certain; the acquisition will continue to develop the application server and extend Jetty as part of the Eclipse project. Greg Wilkins describes the acquisition:


Intalio is not an infrastructure vendor, but a solutions vendor. To build these solutions, Intalio needs a supply chain of components and they have chosen to use open source components and to take ownership in much of the means of production of those components. However, the most important aspect of the Intalio urban plan, is that the component providers must remain profitable and competitive producers in their own right. Intalio needs our components to build their solutions and their requirements will be certainly be a driving force for us.

Like Jetty's move to the Eclipse Foundation, I believe that our choice of acquisition partner reflects our continued commitment to the development of quality component based software that will be accessible and suitable for many and varied consumers. Our clients and users should only see an improvement to the resources and services that we offer. Our stewardship of the Jetty/cometd projects will continue to be inclusive as it remains in our interests to see these projects used as widely and diversely as possible. Also Intalio will provide us with a comfortable urban base from which we can plan our next expeditions into the noosphere wilderness.

What do you think of this acquisition? Which open-source company is the next to be acquired, and by whom?

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