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SpringSource Acquires RabbitMQ

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 VMware business unit SpringSource announced today that it had acquired Rabbit Technologies. Rabbit Technologies is the primary sponsor of the open source RabbitMQ messaging system. From the press release:

As organizations increasingly build and deploy applications in a cloud environment, the infrastructure to support this new model is evolving. A new type of lightweight, reliable, scalable and portable messaging system is required to support the routing of user requests to the appropriate resources regardless of where they may reside. RabbitMQ is a leader in this field and with this acquisition, SpringSource will employ the principal contributors to RabbitMQ, the open source standards-based messaging system that enables applications or components of applications to more effectively communicate with each other.

“While messaging has always been a key infrastructure element used in the creation of enterprise applications, cloud applications require a fundamentally different messaging infrastructure,” said Rod Johnson, general manager of the SpringSource division of VMware. “By adding RabbitMQ to our suite, SpringSource can extend its emerging application platform with another element of technology that is critical to modern virtual and cloud deployment models.”

Providing clear integration with the Spring Framework will also allow a significant community of Spring developers to leverage RabbitMQ as they evolve their applications from traditional datacenters into private and public cloud deployments. RabbitMQ will continue to be open source software. At the same time, SpringSource plans to continue full support for the RabbitMQ developer community.

SpringSource has also posted an FAQ about the acquisition.

InfoQ sat down with SpringSource Director of Developer Relations Adam Fitzgerald to discuss the new addition of RabbitMQ. Fitzgerald reaffirmed that SpringSource sees RabbitMQ messaging as a key piece of the cloud development model. He explained that Spring's support for AMQP and RabbitMQ will follow the path similar to other additions to the stack, focusing on removing complexity of use while still allowing access to features. Fitzgerald indicated that the entire RabbitMQ team would stay on at SpringSource working out of VMware's South Bank office. He said there were no plans to change licensing at this time. Finally, Fitzgerld stated that SpringSource remains committed to fully supporting current existing messaging technologies as well such as JMS.

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