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InfoQ Homepage News Quartz 2.0 Supports Fluent Configuration API and Monitoring of Job Scheduling

Quartz 2.0 Supports Fluent Configuration API and Monitoring of Job Scheduling

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The latest version of open source job scheduler Quartz supports fluent configuration API and monitoring and management of job scheduling actions. Terracotta recently announced the release of version 2.0 of the scheduler framework.

The new version also offers two commercial modules - Quartz Manager which provides a GUI for monitoring and management, and Quartz Where which can be used to control where jobs are executed based on machine name or resources. The new features in the latest version fall into three categories:

Quartz Scheduler:
The new version of the open source Quartz library features a feature-rich API and new DSL/builder-based API for construction of Jobs and Triggers. It also comes with some performance improvements that speed up the job processing.

Quartz Manager:
Quartz Manager offers real-time monitoring and management for the Quartz scheduler product. Its user interface can be used to:

  • Gain visibility into job schedules, status and activity
  • Add or modify scheduling information
  • Manage multiple instances of Quartz Scheduler through a single interface
  • Perform ongoing management of job scheduling and execution tasks

Quartz Where:
Quartz Where is part of the commercial Quartz Scheduler. Built on the Terracotta platform, it allows users to direct jobs to specific machines, or to any machine with specific available resources which helps in distributed, heterogeneous clusters with large numbers of mission critical jobs. This enables the management of increasing workloads in traditional data center to control where jobs are executed based on machine name (user-defined node or node group) or machine resources (RAM, CPU or OS).

Terracotta also released back in February, an extension to Ehcache product called Ehcache Search that can be used to query, search and analyze in-memory data. The enterprise version of this feature, which requires Enterprise Ehcache EX or FX, is used to search across a distributed cache.


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Community comments

  • QuartzDesk - Advanced Quartz Scheduler Management and Monitoring UI / Tool

    by Jan Moravec,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    just wanted to point you to QuartzDesk. An alternative product to the mentioned Terracotta's Quartz Manager.

    QuartzDesk has quite a few unique and powerful features that are worth mentioning:

    • Remote management of Quartz schedulers /jobs / triggers in applications.

    • Support for Quartz 1.x and 2.x schedulers.

    • Persistent job execution history.

    • Job execution log message capturing.

    • Notifications (email, all popular IM protocols, web-service).

    • Interactive execution statistics and charts.

    • REST API for job / trigger / scheduler monitoring.

    • QuartzAnywhere web-service to manage / monitor Quartz schedulers from applications.

    • and more

    Jan Moravec
    QuartzDesk Founder

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p