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Agile Executive Forum with Agile 2012

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The Agile Alliance and the Agile Leadership Network have announced the second annual Agile Executive Forum to be held in conjunction with the Agile 2012 conference in Dallas, Texas.  

The Executive Forum is restricted to senior executives from large organisations to enable them to meet, engage and explore how agility, adaptive leadership, and advanced technologies are impacting management today, and into the future.  Last year more than 60 senior-level leaders shared their experiences with Agile implementation. 

Todd Little, Executive Forum Conference co-chair said 

The use of Agile software development is one of the major mega-trends impacting organizations, from software teams on through to overall operations and the strategic direction that is driving organizational success. The Agile Executive Forum provides the opportunity for software and business executives to learn from and build relationships with peers that are actively deploying Agile practices to improve efficiencies and drive value from the software development and deployment processes.

The other co-chair, Lisa Shoop, talked about the value executives can gain from attending the Forum:

Last year we had more than 60 senior-level executives from organizations like Dell,, GAP and Sabre share experiences on how Agile is impacting their organizations.  The conference breaks new ground in the decade-long advancement of Agile delivery and how agility, adaptive leadership and advanced technologies help increase an organization's competitive edge.

The Forum is structured as a combination of keynotes, short presentations highlighting transformation successes and challenges , breakout discussions with exploration and problem resolution, and group events with opportunities for networking and community-building. 

The Forum is limited to 80 people, and it will be held on Monday 13 August 2012.  Registration for the Forum includes admission to the full Agile 2012 conference.


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