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InfoQ Homepage News Terracotta BigMemory 3.7: Multi-Terabyte Support, Improved Search, Enhanced Security

Terracotta BigMemory 3.7: Multi-Terabyte Support, Improved Search, Enhanced Security

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Terracotta Inc has released BigMemory 3.7, an off-heap store snap-in for Enterprise Ehcache. BigMemory speeds up applications by keeping data in memory, without the long garbage collection pauses that is common for large JVM heap sizes. New in this version is support for multi-terabyte servers, lower search indexing overhead, and enhanced security.

BigMemory 3.7 now officially supports up to 4TB per JVM. Although BigMemory has no theoretical upper limit, it has now been officially tested and certified on multi-terabyte machines. BigMemory 3.7 has also implemented data compression, which allows it to store more data in memory.

BigMemory 3.7 has improved its built-in search engine. The search engine is based on Apache Lucene and now indexes data without significant overhead. This enables users to conduct fast searches even with terabytes of in-memory data. All Ehcache search features are now available for BigMemory in standalone mode.

BigMemory 3.7 enhanced security features include LDAP integration and SSL support. It can now restrict users based on LDAP permissions, and all endpoints that are required to manage Terracotta deployments are secured. BigMemory also offers an improved web-based monitoring and administration tool that give users an interface to manage all their Ehcache deployments. It also supports SSL, encrypting inbound and outbound communications between the client and BigMemory.

To get started, start with the official BigMemory tutorial. For more information, visit the official BigMemory web page. Pricing is based on a per-usage model, starting at about US $1,000 per GB.

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