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InfoQ Homepage News LocationTech: An Initiative Helping Enterprises Build Location Aware Systems

LocationTech: An Initiative Helping Enterprises Build Location Aware Systems


The Eclipse Foundation has announced LocationTech - a new initiative meant to help enterprises build location aware systems.

Established as an Eclipse Industry Working Group and operating under the governance of the Eclipse Foundation, LocationTech is a platform providing enterprises and developers the infrastructure and governance needed to develop their location aware systems:


  • A distributed code repository (Git)
  • A bug tracking system (Bugzilla)
  • A continuous integration server (Hudson)
  • A build server farm
  • A code review system (Gerrit)
  • Project dashboard (Drupal)
  • Web hosting (Apache & Drupal)
  • Download site

Guidance on:

  • How projects are formed and released.
  • Providing openness to anyone, even competitors.
  • Making design or roadmap decision.
  • Becoming a committer.

Trust for:

  • Validating code provenance
  • Detecting license conflicts
  • Trademark search and management
  • Analysis of dependencies and transitive dependencies

Currently, LocationTech hosts three projects in the phase of proposals (see the Eclipse Development Process):

The LocationTech founding members are: Actuate, IBM, OpenGeo, and Oracle, the initiative being “open to any organization with an interest in adding location awareness to their business.”

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