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InfoQ Homepage News MyGet is Offering Free Build Services for CodePlex, GitHub, and BitBucket

MyGet is Offering Free Build Services for CodePlex, GitHub, and BitBucket

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Developers with MyGet accounts can now take advantage of a public beta of MyGet Build Services. This service currently supports Git, Mercurial, and Subversion connections to odePlex, GitHub, and BitBucket. The MyGet account is free for open source projects; commercial accounts range in price from 7 USD to 599 USD.

While a boon to the community, the primary purpose of MyGet is to manage a corporations internal packages. Built on top of NuGet, MyGet allows teams to setup feeds with only the packages that they or their company approves of.

The paid versions of NuGet will restrict access to the package feed, allowing companies to safely host in-house libraries for use by other teams. Access can be via standard username/password or can be integrated into Active Directory.

Another interesting feature of the paid version is staging support. You can publish a package to a private MyGet feed for testing purposes. Then when you are happy with it you can have MyGet to “upload them to a release feed on MyGet or to the official NuGet package source”.

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